10 Interesting AC DC Facts

Friday, November 1st 2013. | Entertainment

AC DC Facts give you more information about one for the biggest band coming from Australia. When talking about band, people always talked about music. You need to know that music s apart of our life sometimes; we can’t live with to hearing music in a day. If you are interested to find out more on fact about AC DC band, look at the following facts below:

AC DC Facts 1: formation of the band

As I have stated before, AC DC is a rock band from Australia. It was created in Sydney in 1973. Who are the creators? Both are Malcolm and Angus Young.

AC DC Facts 2: Membership

The membership of this band was stable at first. But in 1977, Cliff Williams replaced the bassist Mark Evans.



AC DC Facts 3: rock and roll

AC CD claimed that their music genre is rock and roll. But many people believe that the music of AC DC should be categorized as heavy metal or hard rock.

AC DC Facts 4: Bon Scott

Bon Scott was the co-songwriter and lead singer of AC DC band.  After heavily drinking alcohol, he was found dead on 19 February 1980.

AC DC Band

AC DC Band

AC DC Facts 5: Brian Johnson

After the death of Scott, AC DC was pending. They tried had to find the replacement for Scott. Finally they chose Brian Johnson. He was the ex Geodie singer. In the same year, AC DC launched their album Back in Black. It was considered as the best selling album.

AC DC Facts 6: Phil Rudd

In 1983, the drummer Phil Rudd was fired from AC DC. The band has a low popularity after this incident. The replacement member for Rudd was Simon Wright.

AC DC Facts

AC DC Facts

AC DC Facts 7: popularity

AC DC is considered as the one of the best hard rock bands in the world. In the VH1’s list, AC DC was ranked on the fourth position of the “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock”. MTV placed this band on the seventh position of the Greatest Heavy Metal Band of All time.

AC DC Facts 8: pronounciation

When you want to pronounce AC DC, you can say it in one letter at a time. But many people living in Australia called it as Acca Dacca.

AC DC Members

AC DC Members

AC DC Facts 9: friendship

The friendship between Malcolm Young and Phil Rudd deteriorated because of the rumors of drug induced paranoia and alcoholism.

AC DC Facts 10: name

The band’s name AC DC is very unique. It was derived from the initials of AC DC that Malcolm and Angus Young saw on the vacuum cleaner.  AC DC stands for alternating current and direct current.



If you want to know more about AC DC, why don’t you download their song? This band is a perfect match for those who love to hear heavy metal or hard rock music. Do you have any question on facts about AC DC?

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