10 Interesting Pokemon Facts

Monday, November 3rd 2014. | Entertainment

Pokemon Facts present the ideas about one of the famous characters in the world.  It’s a media franchise which is very popular around the world. This franchise is owned by The Pokemon Company and is published by Nintendo. It is a Japanese video game company. Check out more information to know more about Pokemon:

Pokemon Facts 1: Satoshi Tajiri

Do you know the creator of Pokemon? He was Satoshi Tajiri. He created Pokemon in the titular roles in 1996. It is widely known all over the world not only in Japan, but also in US and Europe. Get facts about Japan here.

Pokemon Facts 2: the first release

If you check out the first release of Pokemon, it was made in a pair of game boy video game. The developer of this game was Game Freak. Even though it is very popular, it is still ranked in the second position of the most successful video game released by Nintendo. The first one is taken by Mario Bros game. Check Mario Facts here.

Pokemon Facts

Pokemon Facts

Pokemon Facts 3: properties

Due to the popularity of Pokemon, you can find it in various merchandises and properties such as toys, books, anime, stationeries and manga.

Pokemon Facts 4: the 10th anniversary

In 2006, Pokemon had the tenth anniversary. Do you know that there were more than 200 million of copies of video games of Pokemon sold in the world?  It included Hey You, Pikachu used in Nintendo 64.

Pokemon Images

Pokemon Images

Pokemon Facts 5: 4Kids Entertainment

4Kids Entertainment was the company which managed the game license of Pokemon. In November 2005, this company stated that it will never renew the contract agreement between the company and the Japanese Pokemon Co.

Pokemon Facts 6: licensing products in Asia

Japan’s Pokemon Co., has a subsidiary. It is Pokemon USA Inc. Today it is called The Pokemon Company International which supervises all licensings of Pokemon located outside Asia.

Pokemon PIctures

Pokemon PIctures

Pokemon Facts 7: name

Can you tell me the meaning of Pokemon. Actually it is derived from Japanese word, Poketto Monsuta. It is the Romanized contraction of that Japanese word.  You can also call it as Pocket Monsters.

Pokemon Facts 8: Pokemon media

If you check out the Pokemon Media, you can find out 719 fictional species. All of them are published as the part of Pokemon Y and X.

Pokemon X

Pokemon X

Pokemon Facts 9: the original version

The first original Pokemon was created with an element of strategy. It was created by Satoshi Tajiri as a role playing game.

Pokemon Facts 10: the first generation of Pokemon franchise

The first generation of Pokemon was stated with the release of Pocket Monster Aka and Midori. In English, both are called the Red and Green Pokemon.



The company released the Ao pocket monster. It is known as the blue one. Are you impressed with facts about Pokemon?

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