10 Interesting Cheetah Facts

Sunday, September 22nd 2013. | Animals

If you like to find out more ideas about the wild animals, read cheetah facts. Cheetah can be found living in desert area or even forest. When you meet these animals, don’t bother it because they can run in high speed. There have a good strength to beat human being.  Look at the complete facts here.

Cheetah Facts 1: Speed

The speed of the animals is very high. However, the animal cannot use the strength to run in high speed for a prolonged period.  They need to take rest and recover the strength.

Cheetah Facts 2: Breathing

In a minute, cheetah can breathe up to 150 times.  They have an enlarged hearts and lungs which can increase the amount of oxygen inhaled from the environment.

cheetah facts

cheetah facts

Cheetah Facts 3: Tail

The tail of cheetah has important function. /Without this tail, the big cats will never be able to steer, run and rudder for boat.

Cheetah Facts 4: Claws

Just like any other cats in the world, they have retractable claws. The claws are functional when they animals want to grasp and catch the prey in a high speed.

cheetah mother

cheetah mother

Cheetah Facts 5: Purring

You are wrong if you think that cheetah can roar like other big cats. The animals can only purr. The sound produced by the animals just like a bird sound chirping.

Cheetah Facts 6: Female Cheetah

It is okay for the female cheetah to mate with many male cheetahs. The gestation period lasts for about three months.  The female cheetah will give birth to three to five cubs in the tall grass and marshy areas.

Cheetah Runs

Cheetah Runs

Cheetah Facts 7: Vision

‘The vision of cheetah during the night is not good. They cannot see the object clearly when the night comes. Moreover, they cannot climb trees. Find more animals in grey wolf facts.

Cheetah Facts 8: Diet

The favorite foods of cheetahs include antelopes, rabbits, warthogs, gazelles, ostriches and many more. Cheetahs will chase them.



Cheetah Facts 9: Survival Skill

When the baby cub was born, the female cheetah has to look after them until they reach the age of 18 months. They will learn on how to hunt for food. Read jaguar facts here.

Cheetah Facts 10: Protection from the Sun

The long black tear lines are very important to cheetah. They are functional as protection from the sun. Thus, the animals can see the object located in a long distance.

cheetah speed

cheetah speed

Cheetahs are always hunted by people because they have a wonderful spot on the body. Their skin is valuable. Thus, the population for the animals can decrease if the protection is not applied on the animals. You can find them living in Africa. Enjoy good safaris with family when you visit Africa. Do you have any other information to add on facts about cheetah?

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