10 Interesting Marilyn Monroe Facts

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Marilyn Monroe Facts present the information about the rising star in US. She was found dead in her top career. Her death remains mysterious until this present day. Actually people are very curious to find out the real incident which took the life of this sexy bombshell. Here are facts about Marilyn Monroe for you:

Marilyn Monroe Facts 1: James Dougherty

James Dougherty was the first husband of Monroe. Both married when Monroe was only 16 years old. The marriage happened because she did not want to be sent back on the state run orphanage.

Marilyn Monroe Facts 2: the first-ever Artichoke Queen

Monroe held the title as the first-ever Artichoke Queen when she was involved in the first modeling field.  Actually it was the agriculture festival located in Castroville, California.

Marilyn Monroe Beauty

Marilyn Monroe Beauty

Marilyn Monroe Facts 3: modeling

Even though she began her career through modeling, finally she roped two movies. She was very famous and called as the most long lasting sex symbol in the industry.

Marilyn Monroe Facts 4: The Shocking Miss Pilgrim

The Shocking Miss Pilgrim is the movie of Monroe had in 1947. In the movie, you can see her as a telephone operator. But she was never shown on the camera.

Marilyn Monroe Facts

Marilyn Monroe Facts

Marilyn Monroe Facts 5: Shelley Winters

Shelley Winters was the roommate of Monroe when both were still young actresses.  Winters who became the future Oscar winner stated that she taught Monroe about the mouth half open smile that became Monroe’s signature. Check another great actress in Judy Garland facts.

Marilyn Monroe Facts 6: Niagara

There are many movies of Monroe, but Niagara is the distinctive one. It has a scene where Monroe dies in the movie.

Marilyn Monroe Image

Marilyn Monroe Image

Marilyn Monroe Facts 7: literature classes

Even though Monroe was a popular and famous actress, it seems that she loved education. She used to take literature classes in University of California when she had spare time.

Marilyn Monroe Facts 8: Joe DiMaggio

When she had the first date with Joe DiMaggio, Monroe was two hours late. But she can make him forgive her after she charmed him about the blue polka dot tie that he wore.

Marilyn Monroe Pic

Marilyn Monroe Pic

Marilyn Monroe Facts 9: Playboy magazine

In 1953, Monroe’s pictures were on the nude calendar of Playboy magazine. She was only paid 50 dollar.

Marilyn Monroe Facts 10: Seward Johnson

Seward Johnson is the famous sculptor who created the painted statue of Monroe. He called the statue Forever Marilyn.

Marilyn Monroe Sexy

Marilyn Monroe Sexy

During her life, the rumor about her close relationship with President John F Kennedy became the number one topic in US. Are you fascinated with facts about Marilyn Monroe?

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