10 Interesting Emily Carr Facts

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Find out information about a writer and artist from Canada in Emily Carr facts. This woman was born on 13th December 1871. She passed away on 2nd March 1945. Find out about his works of art and early life in the post below:

Emily Carr Facts 1: inspiration

Emily Carr got the inspiration to write and paint from the life of the Indigenous people who live in the Pacific Northwest Coats.

Emily Carr Facts 2: painting style

The painting style that Emily Carr applied in her work included the modernist and post impressionist style. Even though she is now famous, her works did not have any recognition when she was alive.

Emily Carr Image

Emily Carr Image

Emily Carr Facts 3: painting themes

When Emily was grown, she shifted his them from painting the aboriginal culture into a different theme. She liked to paint the landscape especially the forest scenery.

Emily Carr Facts 4: family life

Talking about her family life, she was the second youngest children from the nine children in the family. Her parents were Richard and Emily.

Emily Carr Painting

Emily Carr Painting

Emily Carr Facts 5: home of Carr’s family

You can find the home of Carr’s family located on the Government Street.  In the past, it was called Birdcage walk in James Bay District of Victoria.

Emily Carr Facts 6: early life

Emily Carr was raised by his parents with full English traditional because her parents were born in England.  All members in the family practiced the English ways of life.

Emily Carr Paintings

Emily Carr Paintings

Emily Carr Facts 7: the soft sketching

In 1898, Carr made her first trip on the aboriginal villages. It was located on the Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver Island. She created some paintings and sketching trip.

Emily Carr Facts 8: Alaska

In 1907, Emily and his sister had a vacation in Alaska. She visited the remote villages and came into contact with the indigenous people. Once again, she depicted them in some paintings and sketches.

Emily Carr Pic

Emily Carr Pic

Emily Carr Facts 9: The Crazy Stair

The Crazy Stair or The Crooked Staircase was one of Emily Carr’s paintings. It was sold on November 28th 2013 with the price of $3.39 million at a Toronto art auction.

Emily Carr Facts 10: books

There are several books that Carr had written when she was alive. Some of them are The Book of Small (1942), The House of All Sorts (1944, Heart of a Peacock (1953), and Hundreds and Thousands (1966).

Emily Carr

Emily Carr

Emily Carr is considered as the Canadian icon.  She is one an iconic female artists from Canada.  Are you fascinated with facts about Emily Carr?

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