10 Interesting Florence Nightingale Facts

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Florence Nightingale facts are important for people who really want to learn more about the person. It is true that reading the facts can be your basic consideration about. Here I provide some basic facts about her. Just read more reviews here actually.

Florence Nightingale Facts 1: who is she?

Florence Nightingale was born in 12 May 1820 and died in 13 August 1910. She actually was the reformer and also statistician of British. She was also the founder of modern nursing. In the past, she has involved as nurse during Crimean War.

Florence Nightingale Facts 2: lady of the lamp

She was very well known as The Lady with the Lamp. She got such name because she had the habit to make sounds at night especially to deal with wounded soldiers.

Florence Nightingale Close Up

Florence Nightingale Close Up

Florence Nightingale Facts 3: public hero

Florence Nightingale was a public hero. Within the early of 21st century, any commentators have asserted the achievements of Nightingale within Crimean War. She had been exaggerated in that time by the media. In fact, her achievements were remaining widely accepted.

Florence Nightingale Facts 4: foundation of professional nursing

Florence Nightingale had laid certain foundation within the year 1860. It was along with the establishment of the nursing school. It was in London at St Thomas’ Hospital.

Florence Nightingale facts

Florence Nightingale facts

Florence Nightingale Facts 5: social reforms

She had the social reforms in order to enhance all sections of British society. The purpose is to improve and also advocate healthcare quality. The purpose is to abolish and regulate prostitution. She also wanted to expand female’s involvement as the workforce.

Florence Nightingale Facts 6: writer

It is well known that Nightingale was a versatile writer. Within her life, most of her work really was concerned about medical knowledge.

Florence Nightingale Old

Florence Nightingale Old

Florence Nightingale Facts 7: birthplace

Florence Nightingale was born from upper class family. She was born at the Villa Colombaia which is near the Porta Romana, Bellosguardo, Italy.

Florence Nightingale Facts 8:  childhood

As a girl, she was very radiant, slender, graceful, and also attractive women. She was also very cheerful girl.

Florence Nightingale Pic

Florence Nightingale Pic

Florence Nightingale Facts 9: problem during the war

Within Crimean War, Nightingale should really know how to deal with problems including neglected hygiene, short supply of medicines, mass infections, and lack of tools to process food for any of the patients.

Florence Nightingale Facts 10: the death

In the year 13 August 1919, she died in peace in the age of 90. It was in Mayfair, London.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

More people become interested in learning facts about Florence Nightingale. There are people who really want to know about how to gain more facts about her.

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