10 Interesting Jackie Robinson Facts

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Jackie Robinson facts present the information about one of the most prominent figures in baseball. Baseball is very famous in US. People love to play and enjoy this game. They will watch the play when the season comes. Are you a fan of Jackie Robinson? This man is considered as one of the top players in the history. Here are some facts to learn about Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson Facts 1: Jackie Robinson Day

Jackie Robinson Day is always celebrated on April 15 each year. Many major baseball leagues make a big celebration. This man is famous because he is considered as the first African American man who played baseball with a famous sport team. Another inspiration figure of African American man is seen on Malcolm X facts.

Jackie Robinson Facts 2: Early Life

Jackie Robinson is named as Jack Roosevelt Robinson. He was born on 31 January 1919 in Cairo. Then he came to US where he and his family lived in Pasadena, California.

Jackie Robinson facts

Jackie Robinson facts

Jackie Robinson Facts 3: Middle Name

When it comes about his middle name, you probably will remember president of US Theodore Roosevelt.  His middle name is taken from the name for the president. He died 25 days before Jackie was born.

Jackie Robinson Facts 4: Family

When it comes about his family, Jackie was very poor. He is the younger from the five children. The names for his siblings are Edgar, Frank, Matthew and Willa Mae.

Jackie Robinson in action

Jackie Robinson in action

Jackie Robinson Facts 5: Tennis Player

It seems that Jackie is great is sport man. He won the junior singles champions when he took part in Pacific Coast Negro Tennis tournament.

Jackie Robinson Facts 6: Marriage

Rachel and Robinson married in 1946.   He met her in UCLA in 1941. Both had three children named Jackie Robinson Jr., Sharon and David.

Jackie Robinson with family

Jackie Robinson with family

Jackie Robinson Facts 7: Montreal Royals

IN 1946, Robinson played for Montreal Royals. It was only a minor baseball league. Then in 1947, he played in a major league with Brooklyn Dodgers. See Babe Ruth facts to know another greatest baseball player.

Jackie Robinson Facts 8: Major League Baseball debut

Playing in a major league is a dream for many people including the African American people. Jackie is the first man to play in a major league baseball. He created history on 15 April 1947.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson Facts 9: Achievement

He had a great achievement in his first career. In 1947, he took home the title of Rookie of the Year. He got 12 home runs, a batting average of .297, 175 hits, and 48 runs batted in.

Jackie Robinson Facts 10: Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians

Larry Doby of the Cleveland Indians is Robinson’s best friend. This man played for the American league. Both are very important to the life of African American people in US because they can break the color barrier as sport players.



If you think that Robinsons live a happy life during his rookie season, you are wrong. It was his team mate named Pee Wee Reese who defended on the racial slur and violent against Robinson at that time. At the age for 53 years old, Robinson died because of heart attack. Please make a comment on facts about Jackie Robinson!

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