10 Interesting Judy Garland Facts

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Find out the interesting information on Judy Garland facts if you want to know the famous vaudevillian, actress and singer from America. She was famous with her role in the Wizard of Oz. Let’s read her struggle, personal life and achievement by reading the explanation below:

Judy Garland Facts 1: Fred Astaire

It seems that Fred Astaire liked her a lot. She often defined Judy Garland as the greatest entertainer who had ever lived. As I have stated before, she was a good actress and singer. People are amazed with her voice. Look at Fred Astaire facts here.

Judy Garland Facts 2: career

She was involved with various kinds of projects. Her career spanned more than 40 years.  Her stardom was unbeatable at that time. You can see her performing the dramatic roles in musical movies and concert stage.

Judy Garland Beauty

Judy Garland Beauty

Judy Garland Facts 3: awards

There is no need to wonder that her voice is wonderful. She had received a lot of awards. Some of them are a Special Tony Award, a Juvenile Academy Award, Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

Judy Garland Facts 4: Academy Award

Even though she was not the winner in the Academy Award, she was nominated in the prestigious award.  The remake of A Star is Born made her nominated as the Best Actress in the academy award. Her movie in Judgment at Nuremberg made her nominated as the best supporting actress.

Judy Garland Facts

Judy Garland Facts

Judy Garland Facts 5: Cecil B. DeMille Award

It was such as an honorable award when an actress or an actor received Cecil B. DeMille Award.  Judy Garland got it for the live time achievement in the movie picture industry. She is considered as the youngest one to receive the award. At that time, she was 39 years old.

Judy Garland Facts 6: movies

Her journey as an actress began after she agreed to sign a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  There are a lot of movies that he had done such as The Wizard of OZ.

Judy Garland Pic

Judy Garland Pic

Judy Garland Facts 7: self image

Even though Judy Garland had great professional victory due to her wonderful song and acting skill, she had to battle with self image. Many film executives thought that he was not attractive.

Judy Garland Facts 8: marriage

Her personal life is not really good. She married five times. The first four marriages finalized with divorce. She also had unstable financial condition.

Judy Garland Singer

Judy Garland Singer

Judy Garland Facts 9: health issues

Judy Garland also had some healthy issues.  For many years, she had to struggle against alcohol and drugs. In the age of 47 years old, she passed away.

Judy Garland Facts 10: Grammy Hall of Fame

You can see the name of Judy Garland in the Grammy Hall of Fame. She also got a Grammy Lifetime achievement award in 1997.

Judy Garland

Judy Garland

In the history of American Cinema, Judy garland is very important actress.  Are you amazed with facts about Judy Garland?

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