10 Interesting Wilma Rudolph Facts

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Let me inform you with the American sprinter on Wilma Rudolph Facts. She was born on 23rd June 1940 and died on 12th November 1994 as Wilma Glodean Rudolph.  She rose to fame due to her impressive performance in 1956 and 1960 Olympic Games. She became a sport icon in track and field. This Olympic champion was from Clarksville, Tennessee. Find out other interesting facts about Rudolph by reading the below post:

Wilma Rudolph Facts 1: 1956 Olympic Games

During the Summer Olympic Games at Melbourne, Australia in 1956, Rudolph was awarded with a bronze medal for her relay at 4 x 100 metres. She also participated in 200-m dash.

Wilma Rudolph Facts 2: 1960 Summer Olympics

The 1960 Summer Olympics was conducted in Rome, Italy where Rudolph was awarded with three gold medals. It was such as an impressive record for Wilma. She competed at 4 x 100-m relay, 100, and 200 metres for the individual events.

Wilma Rudolph 1960

Wilma Rudolph 1960

Wilma Rudolph Facts 3: the title

In 1960s, she took the title as the fastest woman in the world. In a single Olympic Games, she took the record as the first American woman who took three gold medals. Find facts about William Penn here.

Wilma Rudolph Facts 4: an international star

She appeared as an international star because of the extensive media coverage about her performance on the event.  She was among other international sport stars that also competed in the events. They included Rafer Johnson, Oscar Robertson and Cassius Clay.

Wilma Rudolph Pic

Wilma Rudolph Pic

Wilma Rudolph Facts 5: an African American woman

Wilma was an African American woman who earned impressive record during the era where blacks were still discriminated in United States.

Wilma Rudolph Facts 6: a role model

There is no need to wonder that Wilma was cited as a role model for the black female athletes who wanted to achieve greater success. The American people began to note on the track and field of women due to her success in the Olympic Games.

Wilma Rudolph Facts

Wilma Rudolph Facts

Wilma Rudolph Facts 7: retirement

During her peak of her career as an athlete, Rudolph retired in 1962. She earned a job as an educator and coach after graduating from Tennessee State University in 1963. Look at facts about William Wilberforce here.

Wilma Rudolph Facts 8: tributes

A number of tributes have been made to remind the people with the achievement of Rudolph. She was featured in TV movie, documentary movies, postage stamp of United States, and books.



Wilma Rudolph Facts 9: birthplace

The birthplace of Wilma was located in Saint Bethlehem, Tennessee on 23rd June 1940.

Wilma Rudolph Facts 10: parents

In 1961, her father, Ed passed away. During his life, he was employed as a railway porter. In 1994, her mother passed away.

Facts about Wilma Rudolph

Facts about Wilma Rudolph

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