10 Interesting Reproductive System Facts

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Reproductive System Facts tell you about the reproductive system of men and women. When a woman is pregnant, she has to maintain the health of the teeth. Do you know that the health of the baby is affected by the mother’s dental health? If you are interested to know more facts about reproductive system, check out the following explanation below:

Reproductive System Facts 1: fingerprints

Each person has unique fingerprint. There is no identical fingerprint in the world. During the first trimester, the fetus will develop their fingerprints.

Reproductive System Facts 2: sperms

Men produce sperm for their reproductive system. Every day, the testes of men can generate at least 10 million of sperm.

Reproductive System Facts

Reproductive System Facts

Reproductive System Facts 3: sexual intercourse

When human being wants to have babies, conventionally, they have to do sexual intercourse. Do you know that there are around 120 million sexual intercourse occurred in the world every single day?

Reproductive System Facts 4: the ejaculation

The amount of semen released by the men when they are having ejaculation is around 1 until 2 teaspoon of semen. During his lifetime, men will ejaculate 7,200 times.

Reproductive System Female

Reproductive System Female

Reproductive System Facts 5: the shape of penis

Many men think that a normal penis comes in straight position. Actually it is not true. The normal ones can be seen bending at the right or left side.

Reproductive System Facts 6: the depth of vagina

Can you guess the depth of vagina? It can reach 3 till 6 inches. If a woman has the smallest vagina, it comes with the depth around 2 till 3 cm. To make it deeper, surgery is allowed.

Reproductive System for Male and Female

Reproductive System for Male and Female

Reproductive System Facts 7: the length of penis

The length of the penis in normal condition is 3 till 3.5 inches.  When the penis erects, it can comes at 5.2 till 6.4 inches.

Reproductive System Facts 8: healthy reproductive organ

To make your reproductive organ healthy, you need to do regular exercise, reduce the body weight and avoid the bad habits such as drug abuse, consumption of alcohol and smoking. Get facts about Puberty here.

Reproductive System Image

Reproductive System Image

Reproductive System Facts 9: the uterus

When woman is pregnant, the uterus will expand 500 times larger.

Reproductive System Facts 10: the human cell

The smallest human cell is sperm, while the largest one is female egg or ovum.

Reproductive System

Reproductive System

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