10 Interesting Luxembourg Facts

Wednesday, June 25th 2014. | Countries

Luxembourg facts give you the interesting facts about the country which has the least population in European Union. It is only a home to 465,000 inhabitants. Based on the 194 independent countries in the world, Luxembourg is ranked in the 20th position for the smallest country in the world. Let’s find out the detail facts about Luxembourg by reading the post below:

Luxembourg Facts 1: Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest is one of the prestigious contests in Europe. The representative of this country won the song content five times. It was in 1961, 1965, 1972, 1973 and 1983.

Luxembourg Facts 2: Luxembourgish

Luxembourgish is defined as the Franconian dialect of High German. Most people living in Luxembourg speak this mother tongue language. However, the first language taught at school is German. It is also used in the media. French is used as the official written business language. Learn more about German language facts here.

Luxembourg At Night

Luxembourg At Night

Luxembourg Facts 3: immigrant

The number of immigrants in Luxembourg occupied 39.6 percent of the whole population in 2006. It accounted for 181,000 immigrants. Most of them have Portuguese descent.

Luxembourg Facts 4: Duchy of Luxembourg

Duchy of Luxembourg was the original county. Compared to the modern country, it is three times larger because it included the Belgian province.

Luxembourg Facts

Luxembourg Facts

Luxembourg Facts 5: House of Luxembourg

There were three members in the House of Luxembourg elected as Holy Roman Emperor.  In 1312 till 1313, the title was taken by Henry VII. In 1355 to 1378, the seat was for Charles IV. In 1410 till 1437, it was taken by Sigismund.

Luxembourg Facts 6: the highest nominal GDP per capita

One of the countries with the highest nominal GDP per capita is Luxembourg. In 2011,   it had the GDP of US$ 115,000.  Compared to other EU countries, it is three times bigger.

Luxembourg Map

Luxembourg Map

Luxembourg Facts 7: tax haven

One of the famous countries with its tax haven is Luxembourg.  The country does not have more than 155 banks.

Luxembourg Facts 8: Skype

If you are an avid user of internet, you must be familiar with Skype. This is a free internet call and instant messaging software. Do you know that head office of Skype is located in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg Pic

Luxembourg Pic

Luxembourg Facts 9: other headquarters

Let’s find out other successful businesses which have the head office in Luxembourg besides Skype. Those include PayPal, Rakuten, Amazon and Rove Corporation.

Luxembourg Facts 10: borders

Let’s find out the countries which border Luxembourg. In the south area, it is bordered by France. In the east and northwest, it is bordered by Germany and Belgium respectively.



Talking about the largest city in the county, it is taken by Luxembourg which has the population of 100,000 people. Are you satisfied with facts about Luxembourg?

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