10 Interesting Nicaragua Facts

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Enjoy the unique culture by reading Nicaragua Facts. Nicaragua is located in Central America. The historical heritage and traditions in Nicaragua are very fabulous. You can also enjoy the antiquity when visiting the place. Here are facts about Nicaragua for you:

Nicaragua Facts 1: Tropical paradise

One of the main countries in Central America is Nicaragua. People consider it as best tropical paradise. The history, culture and wildlife are the main attractions that people can enjoy when visiting the country.

Nicaragua Facts 2: the most popular sport

The most popular sport in the country is soccer.  Once, people liked to play baseball in the middle of 20th century. Now the popularity of baseball is decreased due to the introduction of soccer.

Nicaragua Beaches

Nicaragua Beaches

Nicaragua Facts 3: size

The size of Nicaragua is very large. If you compare it with Portugal and Ireland together, Nicaragua is still larger.

Nicaragua Facts 4: ocean coasts

The most attractive places in Nicaragua are located on the two oceans coasts. People will relax here and enjoy the tropical beaches. Both are located on the opposite sides of the country.  People will like to go swimming and do water sport activity near the Atlantic Ocean.

Nicaragua Facts

Nicaragua Facts

Nicaragua Facts 5: John Paul II

John Paul II was the famous pope in the world. In 1983, this pope visited the country.

Nicaragua Facts 6: Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique was very famous as a Latin American singer in the world. One of his fabulous singles was mi mindo. He comes from Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Local People

Nicaragua Local People

Nicaragua Facts 7: baseball team

The baseball team of Nicaragua is wonderful. In 1996 Olympic, it gained the second place. At that time, the Olympic was held in Atlanta. Find out Atlanta facts here.

Nicaragua Facts 8: Ruben Dario

Who is Ruben Dario? He is one of the well known poets in 20th century? Dario was born in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Travel

Nicaragua Travel

Nicaragua Facts 9: Ruins of Leon Viejo

Ruins of Leon Viejo are called as the oldest city in Central America. The location of this city is in Nicaragua. It is dated back around 1500 years ago.

Nicaragua Facts 10: as a host

In the beginning of 1972, Nicaragua was a host for the 20th baseball world championship.



Lake Nicaragua is another famous attraction in the country. It is not only great of recreational space. People can also use it as a water supply. Do you want to comment on facts about Nicaragua?

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