10 Interesting Oman Facts

Thursday, September 11th 2014. | Countries

If you want to know one of the interesting Asian countries located in the southeast coast of Arabian Peninsula, you have to read Oman Facts. Have you ever gone to Oman before?  You will be served with Middle East atmosphere. Here are the detail facts about Oman for you:

Oman Facts 1: the official name

Can you tell me the official name of Oman? It is called as the Sultanate of Oman. The largest city in Oman is Muscat. It serves as the capital city.

Oman Facts 2: the government system

Let’s find out the government system in Oman. It has the Absolute Monarchy system. In 1651, Oman got the independence from Portuguese.

Oman Facts

Oman Facts

Oman Facts 3: language

The people use Omani Arab as the official language. But you can find different languages spoken by the people here. Some people speak Hindi, Urdu, Baluchi, English and many more.

Oman Facts 4: the official religion

Oman has an official religion. It is Ibadi Mulsim or Islam. But the people who embrace Hindus, Christianity, Shia and Shunny Muslim also live here. Get facts about Islam here.

Oman Map

Oman Map

Oman Facts 5: ethnicity

The major ethnicity in Oman is the Omani Arab. But you can also spot the minority people of Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Somali.

Oman Facts 6: rich country

Oman now is not included as one of the richest countries in the world. In past, it was one of the wealthiest countries. The main source of the economy was from the incense trade. Thousand years ago, many people believed that Oman was called as the center of ship building. It is due to the fact that the incense trade was very popular here.

Oman Picture

Oman Picture

Oman Facts 7: Yalainous

One of the famous earliest Roman historians was Yalainous. He lived in 23 to 79 AD. He had mentioned the country Oman. He called it Omana.

Oman Facts 8: myrtus communis

Myrtus communis is the most famous shrub in Oman. It is also called yas.  The people often use the leaves from the shrub to create perfume.

Oman Tourism

Oman Tourism

Oman Facts 9: clothing

The clothing for the women in Oman is called as Omani Burqa masks. The men will wear dishdashas or long robes. Turban is called as the traditional and national dress in the country.

Oman Facts 10: national flag

Red, white and green are the colors that you can find on the Omani national flag. This flag was created in 1971.



In 1971, Oman Joined United Nation. In 1990s, the government allowed the tourists to enter the country of Oman. Therefore, you can visit Oman right now. Do you have opinion on facts about Oman?

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