10 Interesting German Language Facts

Sunday, February 16th 2014. | Culture

Find out the interesting German language facts in the post below. German language is popular around the world. There are some countries which use German as the official language. In those countries, this language is also taught for the students.  It is considered as the third most spoken language in the world. Here are the facts about German language?

German Language Facts 1: official language

German is the official language for some countries. Those are Germany, East-Belgium, Liechtenstein, Alsace-Lorraine, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria.

German Language Facts 2: origin

Let’s talk about the origin of German language.  This language is noted to have some similarities with Anglo Saxon language. The Old High German language was traced since 8th century.

German Language Facts

German Language Facts

German Language Facts 3: number of speakers

It is estimated that there are 100 million people all over the world speaking German.

German Language Facts 4: German language in United States

You are wrong if you think that only European people speak German. Since the continental congress in Philadelphia, German language is also adopted as a new language in US.

German Language for Kids

German Language for Kids

German Language Facts 5: Alphabet and Scripts

The Alphabet and Scripts of German language are very unique. You can see the additional letter of ß. It is actually the symbol of double SS. This letter is often seen in some traditional Gothic buildings created in 1933 to 1945.

German Language Facts 6: history of German language

The Germanic language is included on the indo European language family. The language was created after a group of tribes in the indo European communities disintegrated and moved to the north west of Europe. The tribes developed their own language around 2000 BC. It is called as a Bronze Age Culture.

German Language Pic

German Language Pic

German Language Facts 7: developing the Germanic language

The language that the tribe invented underwent some adjustments. People called it as a Primitive Germanic.

German Language Facts 8: dialects

The German language has no standard. But it appears with many dialects based on the regions in the country. You can see the middle and southern German people use the High German dialect. The people living in north German use the Low German dialects.

German Language

German Language

German Language Facts 9: Old High German

Probably you are confused with the Low and High German dialects. The Old High German dialect was spoken by the clerics, monks and aristocracy around AD 700 to 1050.

German Language Facts 10: German language today

If we talk about the German language today, it is called High German or Hochdeutsch. This language is spoken by all people.

German Languages

German Languages

If you want to know the traditional German language, you can see Fraktur. It was written in Gothic style. Are you fascinated with facts about German language?

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