10 Interesting Biology Facts

Wednesday, November 20th 2013. | Science

Biology facts enable you to learn more about the animals, plants and human beings.  This subject is very important to learn when you are at school. It will be great if you can gather the information from the biology books for complete details. But if you just want to know the fast facts about biology, read the following explanation below:

Biology Facts 1: hydra

Do you know that hydra live forever? Hydra is not a plant. It is a marine animal that you can see on the beach. You just have to go to the beach if you want to see hydra. One more thing to know, this animal will never gets old.

Biology Facts 2: snake

Snake is a kind of reptiles. They can be seen in various parts for the world. If you go to Arizona or other desert areas, you should be careful with rattlesnakes.  Anaconda is another snake that can make you surprise with its giant body. The smallest snake in the world is Barbados Threadsnake.

Biology and Animals

Biology and Animals

Biology Facts 3: human brain

Human brain is very important because it controls our mind and body. The right half for the brain is functioned to control the left side of out body muscles.  The left brain is used to control the right body muscles.

Biology Facts 4: red blood

Red blood is functioned to circulate the oxygen in our organs and body.   It only takes 20 seconds for the red cell for one circulation on the human body.

African elephant

African elephant

Biology Facts 5: baby alligators

It seems that the temperature affects the sex of baby alligators. When the female alligator delivers the baby in the hot temperatures, the baby will have male sex. On the other hand, it will become female if they are placed in cold temperature.

Biology Facts 6: kangaroo

All of us agree that water is very important to the life of human being and other creatures.  We can do if we don’t drink for a week. However, a kangaroo rat is wonderful because it does not have to drink water in the entire life. They can survive living in a desert without a drop of water.



Biology Facts 7: sneezing

Sneezing is a natural behavior that human being does.  In average, the speed of sneezing is around 100 miles per hour or 160 kilometer per hour.

Biology Facts 8: DNA

It is very strange to know that 60 percent of DNA found on the human being is similar with DNA found on banana.



Biology Facts 9: jaw

Can you guess the strongest muscle on the human body? It is the jaw. When exerting force, it is very sturdy and powerful.

Biology Facts10: femur bone

It is so easy to find out the longest and largest bone in human body.  It is taken by femur bone.

red blood cells

red blood cells

Biology gives you more information to know the diversity of creature on earth. You can know that there are many types of plants and animals to learn on earth. You can go to Indonesia when you want to know a big flower of Rafflesia Arnoldi. Do you have any question on facts about biology?

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