10 Interesting Asian Elephants Facts

Wednesday, November 13th 2013. | Animals

Asian elephants facts give the information about one of the biggest animals in the world. Asian elephant is different with Indian or even African elephant.  This animal is included as the endangered animal in the world. Compared to the African counterpart, the Asian elephants are smaller. Many of them cannot survive because for the loss of habitat due to the agricultural use. Here are some facts about Asian elephants.

Asian Elephants Facts 1: habitat

The Asian elephants can be found living in a forest and jungle. They can be found mainly on Borneo. As I have stated before, many of them are dead because of the loss of habitat. Many forests in Borneo are used for conversation, home and agriculture.

Asian Elephants Facts 2: size

When it comes about the size, Asian elephants are smaller than the African elephants. They have the height at the shoulder around 2 until 3 meters. The weight of this animal is round 2,041 to 4,990 kilogram.

Asian Elephant

Asian Elephant

Asian Elephants Facts 3: diet

Asian elephants just like any other elephants in the world are included as herbivore. They eat plants and barks. They are included as mammal.

Asian Elephants Facts 4: life span

When the Asian elephants live in the wild area, they can have the life span up to 60 years old.

Asian Elephant Big

Asian Elephant Big

Asian Elephants Facts 5: ears

When you want to differentiate the Asian and African elephants, you need to note on the size but also on the shape of the ears. Most Asian elephants have the ears in round shape.

Asian Elephants Facts 6: function of ears

The ears are not only used for hearing sense. They can make the animal body cool all of the time. It seems that many elephants always feel hot during the day. That’s why you can see them sucking water from the trunk and spread all over the body to keep it cool.

Asian Elephants

Asian Elephants

Asian Elephants Facts 7: food

When the Asian elephants are hungry they will seek for food. They like eating bark, fruit, leaves, grasses and roots.  In a day, they can eat 300 pounds of food

Asian Elephants Facts 8: an elephant’s trunk

There are many functions of elephant’s trunk. It can be used for breathing, smelling, drinking, grabbing thing and trumpeting.

Asian Elephants facts

Asian Elephants facts

Asian Elephants Facts 9: gestation period

The gestation period of a female elephant is very long. It has to wait for about 22 months to deliver the baby.

Asian Elephants Facts 10: calf

The baby elephant is called as a calf. It usually has the weight around 91 kilogram or 200 pounds.

Asian Elephants trunk

Asian Elephants trunk

For thousand years, the Asian elephants have been domesticated by human being for various purposes. They can be used to transport human beings, to move heavy objects and wage war. Are you satisfied with facts about Asian elephants?

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