10 Interesting Ladybug Facts

Friday, September 27th 2013. | Animals

If you want to know more about the flying animals in red and white color, see ladybug facts. Many people think that ladybug is a bug. Actually is not a bug. It is an arthropod. Ladybug is included as a beetle. To know more about it read the whole facts below:

Ladybug Facts 1: Coleopteran

If you think that ladybug is an insect, you are wrong. This animal is included as beetle in the order of Coleopteran. The European people often call this ladybug as ladybird beetle or lady bird for almost 500 years.

Ladybug Facts 2: Virgin Mary

The word lady in Ladybug refers to Virgin Mary. The farmer living in the Middle Ages had a hard time fighting again the pest. Based on the legend, the farmer then sprayed the blessed lady. Then they see many ladybugs around the farm and the crop grew well. Since then, they called it as lady beetles. See another flying animal in monarch butterfly facts.

Ladybug Fact

Ladybug Fact

Ladybug Facts 3: Good Fortune

Ladybug is always associated with good fortune. They are characterized with black and red beetles.

Ladybug Facts 4: Marienkafer

Ladybugs have various names. In Germany the animals are called as Marienkafer. It means Mary Beetles. The red color on the body refers to Virgin Mary’s cloak, while the black spot refers to her sorrow.

Ladybug Facts

Ladybug Facts

Ladybug Facts 5: Bleeding

When ladybugs feel threatened, they will bleed in the knees. See another behavior of animals in hummingbird facts.

Ladybug Facts 6: Color

We know that ladybug has a bright color. It gives a warning for predators to stay away from the animal. The bright colored animals are always associated with poison and toxic.

Ladybug on A Leave

Ladybug on A Leave

Ladybug Facts 7: Diet

The main diet of ladybug is the soft body insect. In their lifetime, the animal can eat more than 5,000 aphids.  Since insect is the main food, many farmers like to see ladybugs in their farm. They can kill the pest naturally. In a day, they can consume 50 aphids.

Ladybug Facts 8: Larvae

Have you ever seen ladybug larvae? It has the shape like a tiny alligator. It has a bumpy skin with elongated body. It needs a month for the larvae to grow.

Ladybug Pics

Ladybug Pics

Ladybug Facts 9: Eggs

The eggs for ladybug can be fertile and infertile. The infertile ones are functional to keep the babies a bigger chance to live.

Ladybug Facts 10: Hibernation

Probably you do not know that the adult ladybug hibernates. It will use the protected location such as under the leaves to hibernate from the cold temperature.



Sometimes the hibernation makes people uncomfortable to stay inside the house. The invasion species in North American called the Asian multicolored ladybug tends to move indoor when the winter comes. This home invader makes people disturbed. Another behavior is seen on their cannibalism. When the food is so limited, they tend to eat other ladybugs to stay survive. What do you think on facts about ladybug?

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