10 Interesting Lego Facts

Monday, June 9th 2014. | Entertainment

Lego facts provide the information about one of the most popular toys for kids. Actually adults also like to play Lego. Do you know that the word Lego is derived from two Danish word. It is Leg godt. The meaning of the words is play well.  Find out more information about Lego by reading the post below:

Lego Facts 1: molding process

The process to make Lego is not easy as you might think. The plastic should be heated with the temperatures of 232 C in molding process.

Lego Facts 2: authentic skin color

Lego use an authentic skin color to replace the minifigure’s yellow facial coloring in 2003.  Lego is one of the most popular toys that Children like to have. Do you know that in a month, the website of Lego was visited by 8,137,062 individual visitors in 2006?

lego colors

lego colors

Lego Facts 3: LEGO bricks

If you want to reach the moon by using the Lego, you need to build columns of 40,000,000,000 LEGO bricks.

Lego Facts 4: ways

The ways to combine Lego are various. You can have 915 million ways by using six Lego bricks. Therefore, this toy makes people creative.

lego facts

lego facts

Lego Facts 5: LEGO Group

LEGO Group which produced the bricks of Lego was established in 1932. In the early year of the establishment, it is only a small carpenter workshop. Now it is considered as the third largest manufacturer of toy in the world.

Lego Facts 6: The first minifigure

In 1978, the first minifigure of lego was created. Till this present day, there are four billion minifigures have been made. You can see the minifigure of Lego in various human forms. Some people also pick the minifigures of royal family of Prince William and Kate Middleton  in the Lego form. Check Kate Middleton facts here.

lego minifigures

lego minifigures

Lego Facts 7: James May

James May made a record with his Lego. In 2009, this man created a real house from Lego brick.   The house located in Surrey, Great Britain was designed with 3.3 million bricks of Lego.

Lego Facts 8: James May’s Lego house design

Are you curious with the design of the Lego house by James May? It is very cute. The bed, shower and toilet are made from Lego.

lego toys

lego toys

Lego Facts 9: LEGO Duplo bricks

LEGO Duplo bricks are eight times bigger if you compare it with the size of the regular Lego bricks. However, you can connect them easily with the regular ones.

Lego Facts 10: LEGO tower

You can find out the pictures of the largest Lego tower in the world. It was built in August 2013 by Students at John Dickinson High School in Delaware. They need 500,000 bricks to make the tower. The height of this Lego tower is 11 feet with 11 stories.



The Art of the Brick is the touring exhibition of Nathan Sawaya. This New York based artist used Lego as part of his art. Do you have any opinion on facts about Lego?

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