10 Interesting the Brothers Grimm Facts

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The Brothers Grimm Facts talk about the famous authors from Germany. Actually both were linguists, academics, lexicographers and cultural researchers too. Brothers Grimm were Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. During the 19th century, both were famous for collecting and publishing folklore. Here are some interesting facts about Brothers Grimm:

The Brothers Grimm Facts 1: the first collection of folktales

Children’s and Household Tales or Kinder- und Hausmärchen was considered as the first collection of folk tales by Brothers Grimm. In 1812, it was published.

The Brothers Grimm Facts 2: the formative years of Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm lived in Hanau for their formative years. It was a town in Germany.

The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm Facts 3: poverty

Brothers Grimm and the family had to end up in poverty because of the death of their father in 1796.

The Brothers Grimm Facts 4: the best stories in the folktales

In the folk tales of Brothers Grimm, there were several popular and famous stories. Those include “The Goose-Girl”, “The Frog Prince”, “Cinderella”, “Rapunzel”, “Snow White”, “Hansel and Gretel”, and “Sleeping Beauty”.

The Brothers Grimm Pic

The Brothers Grimm Pic

The Brothers Grimm Facts 5: the education

Brothers Grimm was educated at University of Marburg. Both of them were interested to know more about the German folklore. Therefore, both were preoccupied to collect the folktales of Germany.

The Brothers Grimm Facts 6: the romantic era

The people were interested with the traditional folk stories in 19th century. It was during the era of romanticism. Brothers Grimm tried to show to the readers the pure form of national culture and literature of Germany.

The Brothers Grimm Movies

The Brothers Grimm Movies

The Brothers Grimm Facts 7: the methodology

Brothers Grimm also created the methodology to collect and record folk stories. Thus, the people who decided to have the folklore studies can take a look at their methodology.

The Brothers Grimm Facts 8: the revisions

The revisions had been made several times on the first collection of the folk tales between 1812 and 1857. The stories grew up to 200 stories from 86 stories. Get facts about Peter Pan here.

The Brothers Grimm Facts

The Brothers Grimm Facts

The Brothers Grimm Facts 9: the popularity

The folktales of Brothers Grimm are very popular until today.   You can find them translated in more than 100 languages. Due to the popularity, some of them stories are adapted into various movies. Get facts about movies here.

The Brothers Grimm Facts 10: the date of birth

The date of birth of Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm was on January 4th, 1785. Wilhelm Carl Grimm was his brother. He was born on February 24th, 1786.

Facts about The Brothers Grimm

Facts about The Brothers Grimm

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