10 Interesting Psycho Facts

Friday, December 12th 2014. | Entertainment

Psycho Facts elaborate the detail ideas about one of the greatest horror films in the world. It was made by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960 based on Robert Bloch’s popular novel. People were frightened when they saw psycho. If you want to know the interesting psycho facts, read the following post below:

Psycho Facts 1: the first horror movie

Psycho was the first horror movie created Hitchcock. This movie takes the record as the first movie which contained a toilet flushing scene.

Psycho Facts 2: birds

If you have watched the movie, you must know that Psycho contains some references of birds. The surname of Marion was Crane. The hobby of Norma in the movie was stuffing birds. In the movie, Norma states that Marion likes to eat birds.

Psycho 1960

Psycho 1960

Psycho Facts 3: the high grossing movie

Psycho was a very successful movie and it increases the career of Alfred Hitchcock. It is called as the high grossing film made by Hitchcock in his life.

Psycho Facts 4: “A boy’s best friend is his mother”

One of the famous quotes in Psycho is “A boy’s best friend is his mother.” The American film institute took the quote as the one of best movie quotes.

Psycho Facts

Psycho Facts

Psycho Facts 5: cameo

Hitchcock became the cameo in the movie.   You can see that his appearance was so early in movie. He did it because he did not want to distract the attention of the audiences from the plot.

Psycho Facts 6: Janet Leigh

Do you still remember the famous shower scene in Psycho? Janet Leigh was very comfortable when filming this scene. After the filming, she realized that a woman was vulnerable in a shower room. Get facts about horror movies here.

Psycho Film

Psycho Film

Psycho Facts 7: the right of Psycho’s novel

To film Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock had to spend $9,000 to buy the right from the writer of the novel Robert Bloch. To keep the ending of Psycho in secret, Hitchcock tried as many copies as he could.

Psycho Facts 8: black and white

Psycho was the last black and white movie that Alfred Hitchcock made.

Psycho Pictures

Psycho Pictures

Psycho Facts 9: Marion Crane

Do you still remember the white bra scene of Marion Crane? She wore it in the opening scene of Psycho. Hitchcock wanted her to wear it since the white bra could show her angelic character. Then she wore a black bra after she took the money. The black bra symbolized her evil character.

Psycho Facts 10: Walt Disney

Alfred Hitchcock was not allowed to film at Disneyland in the beginning of 1950. He was rejected by Walt Disney after making Psycho. If you like cartoon movies, check out Pixar movie facts here.



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