10 Interesting Kristen Stewart Facts

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Kristen Stewart facts present the information about the fabulous actress of Twilight Series along with his ex boy friend Robert Pattison. Twilight series is popular around the world. People are willingly to stand for hours to get the ticket of Twilight in the cinema during its premier. Here are the facts about the main lead, Kristen Stewart:

Kristen Stewart Facts 1: early life

During her childhood, she spent much of her time living in Colorado and Pennsylvania.  Actually she was born in Los Angeles. However, when she was 8 years old, she decided to come back to Los Angeles.

Kristen Stewart Facts 2: Sibling

Kristen Stewart has two brothers. He had an adopted brother named Taylor. Taylor and Kristen were in similar age. He was adopted in the family when he was 13 years old. Her biological brother was Cameron. He is the oldest child in the family.

Kristen Stewart Actress

Kristen Stewart Actress

Kristen Stewart Facts 3: John Stewart

Are you curious with the father of Kristen Stewart? He is John Stewart. He works at Fox TV as a TV producer. The co producer of the TV show On Air with Ryan Seacrest was Kristen’s father.  He also has worked on TBS TV for a show Lopez Tonight since 2010.

Kristen Stewart Facts 4: Jules Stewart

Jules Stewart is the name of Kristen’s mother. She works as a script supervisor from Australia. When Kristen goes to Australia, her favorite place is a resort town located in Queensland called Noose Heads.

Kristen Stewart Beauty

Kristen Stewart Beauty

Kristen Stewart Facts 5: talent agent

A talent agent discovered Kristen Stewart when she sang in a school play. However, she was picked to become an actress, not an actor. Kristen has a great voice. You can hear her singing skill in two of her movies The Runaways and Into the Wild.

Kristen Stewart Facts 6: the first role

Kristen’s first role was with Corbin Bleu who played in High School Musical. Both Kristen and Bleu were the main lead in Catch that Kid.

Kristen Stewart Cute

Kristen Stewart Cute

Kristen Stewart Facts 7: birthday

It will be such as great coincidence for Kristen Stewart to have a similar birthday with the greatest actor Dennis Quaid. Both celebrate the birthday on 9 April.
Actually in 2003, Dennis played as Kristen’s father in the movie Cold Creek Manor.

Kristen Stewart Facts 8: nomination

In 2003 to 2005, Kristen Stewart was nominated for the Young Artist Award for three times during the period. Unfortunately, she never won the award.

Kristen Stewart Facts

Kristen Stewart Facts

Kristen Stewart Facts 9: bands

Kristen Stewart likes some big bands in the world. She states that she is a fan of U2, the Beatles, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Green Day and Nirvana. Read John Lennon facts to know about the Beatles.

Kristen Stewart Facts 10: Panic Room

Do you still remember the movie Panic Room which has the main lead Jodie Foster? Probably not all of you realize the kid of Jodie Foster in the movie was played by the young Kristen. She replaced Hayden Panettiere in the movie.

Kristen Stewart Glasses

Kristen Stewart Glasses

Kristen’s biggest breakthrough was in the movie Twilight where she became Bella Swanson.  In the last two Twilight movies, she earns $12.5 million. Are you interested reading facts about Kristen Stewart?

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