10 Interesting Gaius Julius Caesar Facts

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One of the powerful men in the world is explained in Gaius Julius Caesar facts. People always recognized him as one of the most influential people in the ancient world. He is considered as the last dictator who ruled the roman republic. Find out more about his personal life below:

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 1: birth

Let’s talk about the date of birth of this great roman leader.  Many experts estimated that Caesar was born three days before the idea of July. It was in the year of 100 BC.  Other experts believed that Caesar was born on 12 July in the year of 102 BC. No one knows the real truth about it.

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 2: Pedigreed Family

Talking about his family life, Caesar was born from the pedrigreen family. It has the patrician gen of the julii from his father.

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 3: Marius

Caesar was the relative of Marius because of his marriage with Marius’ family member. Marius was the one reformed the military when he lived in the republican period.

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 4: pirates

When Julius wanted to study oratory, he went to Rhodes. However, he was caught by some pirates. Even though all of them shared a cordial relation, he finally executed them even though he was freed.

Gaius Julius Caesar Image

Gaius Julius Caesar Image

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 5: Cursus Honorum

Around 68 or 69 BC, Julius Caesar was in Cursus Honorum. This subject involves the roman politician system.

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 6: curule aedile

Caesar got the position as the curule aedile in 65 BC. Even though he was very young, he could get pontifex maximus.

Gaius Julius Caesar Pic

Gaius Julius Caesar Pic

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 7: praetor

In 62 BC, Caesar had another career option. He could be the praetor. However, his marriage life was not going well since his second wife had a scandal with Claudius/Clodius Pulcher. So he divorced him.

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 8: Consul

In 59 BC, he got the top political position as one of the consulship. Then he became the proconsul.

Gaius Julius Caesar Statue

Gaius Julius Caesar Statue

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 9: extra-marital affairs

There are a lot of extra-marital affairs that Caesar had done in his life. Some of them include the relationship with Servilia Caepionis and Cleopatra.

Gaius Julius Caesar Facts 10: male lover

The history also stated that Julius also had a male lover. He loved King Nicomedes of Bithynia.

Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar

Caesar had many wives. Some of them are Cornelia, Calpurnia, Lucius Cornelius Cinna, and Pompeia. Do you have any question on facts about Gaius Julius Caesar?

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