10 Interesting Alexander Pope Facts

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You will be informed with the 18th-century English poet on Alexander Pope facts. He was born on May 21, 1688 and died on May 1744. Shakespeare probably is the most frequently quoted writer in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, while Pope takes the second place. He was known as the writer who heavily used the heroic couplet. People also praise the way he translated the work of Homer. Let us check other interesting facts about Alexander Pope by reading the below post:

Alexander Pope Facts 1: an instant fame

Pope received an instant fame after his Pastorals was included in the Tonson’s Poetical Miscellanies in May 1709 at the 6th part.

Alexander Pope Facts 2: the next work

In May 1711, An Essay on Criticism was published by Pope after his instant success of Pastorals. The critics and readers give favorable reception.

Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope Facts 3: Scriblerus Club

The Scriblerus Club was a satirical club created by Alexander Pope and his fellow friends like John Arbuthnot, Thomas Parnell, Jonathan Swift, John Gay and Tory. Get facts about Alfred Wegener here.

Alexander Pope Facts 4: Martinus Scriblerus

Martinus Scriblerus was the fictional scholar symbolized in the club. It was established to satirize pedantry and ignorance.

Alexander Pope Mawson Arms

Alexander Pope Mawson Arms

Alexander Pope Facts 5: other famous friends

Richard Steele and Joseph Addison were other famous friends of Pope. Both were known the Whig writers.

Alexander Pope Facts 6:  the translation of Home

People recognized him because of his work on translating Home. He was capable to live in a villa located at Twickenham in 1719 after he gained the money from his work on Home. In that villa, Pope established the beautiful gardens and grotto.

Alexander Pope House

Alexander Pope House

Alexander Pope Facts 7: the most notable poem

In 1712, The Rape of the Lock was published. It is considered as the most well known poem from Pope. In 1714, the publication of the revised version took place.

Alexander Pope Facts 8: the philosophical poem

Pope created a philosophical poem under the title The Essay on Man. Between 1732 and 1734, the poem was published.

Alexander Pope Facts

Alexander Pope Facts

Alexander Pope Facts 9: Homer

Since he was a child, Pope was impressed by Homer. His intention to work on the translation of the Iliad was announced in 1713. Look at facts about Alexander Calder here.

Alexander Pope Facts 10: Bernard Lintot

Bernard Lintot was the publisher who made a deal with Pope related to the translation of the Iliad. He was paid two hundred guineas per volume.

Facts about Alexander Pope

Facts about Alexander Pope

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