10 Interesting Hillary Clinton Facts

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Get to know about one of the most inspirational women by seeing Hillary Clinton facts. This woman was born with the full name Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton on 26th October 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. During her childhood, she lived in Park Ridge, Illinois. Find out more about her personal and professional life below:

Hillary Clinton Facts 1: family life

Hilary had two bothers. They are Anthony and Hugh. Her family always taught her to apply the traditional Midwestern values. Therefore, Hillary needs to respect the elders, visit church on Sunday, do well in sport and have a good habit at school.

Hillary Clinton Facts 2: a postgraduate degree

It seems that Hillary was very aware with her education. She got her post graduate degree from Yale Law in 1973. It made her as the first former first lady who holds a post graduate degree.

Hillary Clinton facts

Hillary Clinton facts

Hillary Clinton Facts 3: senator

In 2000, she was elected as a senator from New York. Since she holds a degree in law, she gains a full partnership in Rose Law Firm.

Hillary Clinton Facts 4: marines

Hillary wanted to join the marine before she married Bill Clinton in 1975. However, she was rejected because the marine recruiter taught that she was too old.

Hillary Clinton Speech

Hillary Clinton Speech

Hillary Clinton Facts 5: a Grammy award

Probably you are very surprised to know that Hillary had a Grammy award in her home. She was the winner for the best spoken word album in 1997 due to her audio book entitled It Takes a Village.

Hillary Clinton Facts 6: the father’s influences

Her initial conservative ideology was shaped by the influence of her father, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham. Her father was a textile wholesaler when he was alive. Hillary’s father died in 1993.

Hillary Clinton Style

Hillary Clinton Style

Hillary Clinton Facts 7: a baby-sitting group

A young Hillary really knew on how to help other. She managed to have a baby sitting group with the purpose to help the migrant Mexican worker a help to look after the children.

Hillary Clinton Facts 8: wonks

Wonks are the term used by the students who really loved to have a debate on the politics. Hillary and her friends did the debate for hours.

Hillary Clinton Young

Hillary Clinton Young

Hillary Clinton Facts 9: Yale

When she was in Yale, she was one of the 27 women in the major. At that time, the class consisted of 135 people.

Hillary Clinton Facts 10: marriage

Bill and Hillary married on 11 October 1975 in their living room.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

The marriage was held in a Methodist ceremony. Bill actually was a Southern Baptist, while Hillary was a Methodist. Do you have any question on facts about Hillary Clinton?

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