10 Interesting John Lennon Facts

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John Lennon facts give you the information about one of the legendary singers. He was one of the founding members in a band called the Beatles.  He was a maestro since he contributed a lot in the Beatles. He was the composer, singer, writer and musician. Find out more about his works and personal life below:

John Lennon Facts 1: a childhood memory

When he was a young boy, he was involved with a boy scout and a choir boy. He began the singing career when he was a choir boy at St Peter’s church. Probably you are surprised that this iconoclast and rock and roll singer started his career as a choir boy.

John Lennon Facts 2: driving

The last member in the Beatles who tried to drive was John Lennon.  On 15th February 1965, he had the driver license. At that time, he was 24 years old. He admitted that he was not a good driver so it was a bit late for him to get the license.

John Lennon Cute

John Lennon Cute

John Lennon Facts 3: Aston-Martin

He decided to give up driving after he took his wife Yoko Ono, Ono’s Daughter, Kyoko and Julian, his son on a trip to Scotland by driving Aston Martin in 1969. It ended up with accident. Lennon got 17 stitches.

John Lennon Facts 4: after the accident

The accident was a bad memory for John Lennon.  He and his wife mounted on the wrecked car.  To go anywhere, he hired a chauffeur to drive his car.

John Lennon Facts

John Lennon Facts

John Lennon Facts 5: a full time vegetarian

Do you know that John Lennon was the only The Beatles member who did not became a full time Vegetarian?  It seems that he still loved to eat meat and dairy product. The first member in the Beatles who became a vegetarian was George Harrison.

John Lennon Facts 6: Bob Wooler

Bob Wooler and John Lennon had a misunderstanding about the rumor of a gay. Lennon thought that Bob Wooler spread that rumor that he was a gay.

John Lennon Pic

John Lennon Pic

John Lennon Facts 7: voice

All of us knew that John Lennon is a charismatic singer. However, he stated that he hated his own voice. It is a bit ridiculous for me since he was a great singer in the rock and roll world. Another famous singer with great voice is explained in Harry Styles facts.

John Lennon Facts 8: Beatles’ records

John Lennon was not satisfied with all records of The Beatles songs. He always wanted to re-record the songs again by asking the permission of the George Martin, the former producer of the Beatles.

John Lennon The Beatles

John Lennon The Beatles

John Lennon Facts 9: Monopoly player

It is a surprising fact to know that Lennon was a devoted Monopoly player. This game is very interesting and fun. He played the game when he was on the plane or in the hotel room. He liked to posses the Park Place and Boardwalk when he played the game.

John Lennon Facts10: a coffin

Many people are afraid to sleep in the coffin when they are alive. It seems that John Lennon was very comfortable to sleep in the coffin. The confession of Allan William who worked as the early manager of John stated that he sometimes slept inside a coffin.

John Lennon

John Lennon

John Lennon died in tragic condition after he was shot by Mark David Chapman after he returned from his recording studio. Do you have any opinion on facts about John Lennon?

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