10 Interesting Eva Mendes Facts

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One of the most popular actresses in Hollywood is discussed in Eva Mendes facts. Mendes is very famous with her exotic beauty. She can be seen in many moves. One of them is in the Fast and furious franchise. Let’s see more about her in the following post below:

Eva Mendes Facts 1: date of birth

Eva Mendes was born on 5th March 1972 in Miami, Florida. Her parents got divorced so that her mother raised her alone in Los Angeles. During her early years, she stated that her mother suffered a lot to make her life great.

Eva Mendes Facts 2: Will Smith

You can see the face of Eva Mendes appeared in Miami music video by Will Smith.

Eva Mendes Beauty

Eva Mendes Beauty

Eva Mendes Facts 3: education

Before she pursued her acting career, she went to Hoover High School in Glendale, California.  She was enrolled to the California State University. However, she dropped out since she wanted to pursue her acting career.

Eva Mendes Facts 4: the first role

She got her first role in a movie entitled “Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror” (1998). She got a character named Kir

Eva Mendes' Early Days

Eva Mendes’ Early Days

Eva Mendes Facts 5: Crazy Leggs Beshee

Crazy Leggs Beshee is Evan Mendes’s children book. Not many people relaxed that Mendes loves writing. If you want to know her writing skill, you need to read the book and give appreciation.

Eva Mendes Facts 6: Maxim hot 100

Eva Mendes was ranked on the 27th rank for the Maxim Hot 100 Issue. The first rank for the hot female celeb was taken by Eva Longoria in 2006.

Eva Mendes facts

Eva Mendes facts

Eva Mendes Facts 7: movies in 2003

In 2003, Evan Mendes was involved in four movies. Those are Stuck on You, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Out of Time and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Eva Mendes Facts 8: 2 Fast 2 Furious

In 2 Fast 2 Furious 2003, Evan Mendes got a role as an undercover agent. Her name was Monica Fuentes. She was paired with Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce and Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner.

Eva Mendes Sexy

Eva Mendes Sexy

Eva Mendes Facts 9: Out of Time

Out of Time in 2003 is a good movie for her. She was paired with a wonderful actor Denzel Washington who played as Matthias Whitlock. In the movie, she became the girlfriend of Matthias named Alex Diaz Whitlock.

Eva Mendes Facts 10: Training Day

Another movie that she had starred was Training Day 2001. He played Sara who come the girlfriend of Denzel Washington.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

In a Teen Choice award 2003, she got nomination for her four movies. Do you have any opinion on facts about Eva Mendes?

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