10 Interesting Julian Opie Facts

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If you like to know one of the best visual artists in the world, read Julian Opie facts. Opie gave big contribution to the new British Sculpture movement. Let’s find out his education, personal life and early life by scrutinizing the post below:

Julian Opie Facts 1: date of birth

Julian Opie was born in 1958 in London. However, he was not raised in London, but in Oxford.

Julian Opie Facts 2: education

In 1983, He left University of London. In the campus, he was the student of the famous Michael Craig-Martin. Martin is a painter and conceptual artist.

Julian Opie Art

Julian Opie Art

Julian Opie Facts 3: British art scene

During the British art scene in 1980s, he was considered as an important person. He gained the fame after he created a series of painted metal structures. He used the steel shaped for the imagery in the painting.

Julian Opie Facts 4: his style

Let’s find out about his artistic style. What makes him different with other artists in 1980s is applied on his themes. He likes to draw the black line with minimal detail. He painted animated walking figures and portrait.

Julian Opie Facts

Julian Opie Facts

Julian Opie Facts 5: themes

Many people analyze that most art works of Opie are involved with the themes of human body, new technology and art history. Look at another themes of a painter in Juan Gris facts.

Julian Opie Facts 6: LED sculpture Ann Dancing

Indianapolis people must be proud to have one of the greatest works of Julian Opie. The four sided LED sculpture Ann Dancing was installed in Indianapolis cultural trail in 2010.

Julian Opie Pic

Julian Opie Pic

Julian Opie Facts 7: Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is one of the biggest singers in the world. To honor him, Opie was asked to establish a monument for the famous singer.

Julian Opie Facts 8: Sir James Dyson

Another project of Julian Opie was for the National Portrait Gallery. He was requested to create a portrait of Sir James Dyson. He was an inventor and engineer. Julian made the portrait in 2012 and called it James, Inventor.

Julian Opie Style

Julian Opie Style

Julian Opie Facts 9: public installations

His works can be seen around the world. You are wrong if you think that they are only located in London. The installation includes series of glass panels commissioned by St Mary’s Hospital, London, a permanent installation in Calgary and Promenade.

Julian Opie Facts 10: Caterina dancing naked series

If you like to know the work of Julian Opie, you can go to Great St Helen’s Square, London. It features the Caterina dancing naked series of Opie.

Julian Opie Style

Julian Opie Style

British pop band Blur asked Julian Opie to design the cover of their album in 2000. It seems that his skill is appreciated by all people. Do you have anything to say on facts about Julian Opie?

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