10 Interesting Andres Iniesta Facts

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Andres Iniesta facts can be your basic and interesting fact in how to learn better about this famous football player. There are actually many different facts that you perhaps still don’t know about him. It will be so much recommended to learn more first about it here.

Andres Iniesta Facts 1: Madrid

In his childhood, he at the first time wanted to join the rival of Barca (Real Madrid). Yet, his parent was so much unconvinced that it was a safe environment for their son. Based on this reason, he later joined Barca academy at the age of 12.

Andres Iniesta Facts 2: Josep Guardiola

He had gained good review within the first train of the team. One day when he was 16, Josep Guardiola told Xavi (teammate of Iniesta) about how great Iniesta is which someday may retire any of us.

Andres Iniesta Barcelona

Andres Iniesta Barcelona

Andres Iniesta Facts 3: Barcelona

He had so much talented within Barcelona. There he has won 5 league titles with the team. Although he was left out within Champion League against Arsenal in the year 2006, he was introduced within half-time. He actually only made 15 starts within domestic language that season.

Andres Iniesta Facts 4: enhancement

Iniesta actually had buckled down and became a regular within the next season. His name now has been the one of the 1st name on the team-sheet.

Andres Iniesta Cute

Andres Iniesta Cute

Andres Iniesta Facts 5: youngster

Although in his young age, he has helped the Spain in winning the UEFA European under-16 and also under-19 Championships.

Andres Iniesta Facts 6: world cup

It is unpredictable and surprising when Iniesta became the selection for World Cup 2006 in Spain. Yet, the 2010 edition was the one when he truly made an impact to the team. The final against Netherlands was his biggest impact scoring goal in extra time.

Andres Iniesta Football Player

Andres Iniesta Football Player

Andres Iniesta Facts 7: midfielder

He suits the best for certain position such as midfielder. He had performed great contribution by driving force of the team in winning the European Championship triumph.

Andres Iniesta Facts 8:  not star type

He is said not to be star of football. It was the opinion of Guardiola. It is because of his original appearance not to wear any earrings or tattoo.

Andres Iniesta Facts

Andres Iniesta Facts

Andres Iniesta Facts 9: tickets for friends

He once promised his friends to buy them tickets if he scored goal against Chelsea in Champions league game.

Andres Iniesta Facts 10: Dani Jarque

He wanted to make the world remember about Dani Jarque who was passed away because of heart attack. After making a goal in World Cup final, he took off his shirt and showed message about Dani Jarque.

Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta

Actually, there are still many facts about Andres Iniesta that you can learn about. In this case, the best thing that you really need to know the most is to get the best resources of information. Just learn more about it actually.

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