10 Interesting Knight Facts

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Knight facts present the information about the type of the soldier in the middle ages. The knight is one of the three types of soldiers during the era. The knight is characterized with the horseback and heavily armors. Look at the following post about the knight below:

Knight Facts 1: types of soldiers in the middle ages

As I have stated before, there are three kinds of soldiers in the middle ages. Those are the foot soldiers, Archers and knights. The soldiers with the lowest position must be the foot soldiers because they did not ride a horse. The archers were specialized for archery.

Knight Facts 2: how to become a knight

Not all of the people can become a knight in the middle age. The wealthiest people from the noble family can become a knight.  When they were at the war, the knight needed to have expensive weapons, armors and powerful horse.

Knight  facts

Knight facts

Knight Facts 3: the first knight

The history stated that the first knight was created to fight for The King of Franks, Charlemagne around 700s.

Knight Facts 4: horseback

To define his territory and power, Charlemagne began to create powerful armies. He thought that the soldiers should ride a horseback to make them more powerful.

Knight Fights

Knight Fights

Knight Facts 5: benefices

A benefice is the term of the land awarded by Charlemagne to the best knight in his empire.  If the knight got the land that the king awarded to him, he must be ready whenever the king asked him to fight on a war.

Knight Facts 6: a family of a knight

If a son born in a family of a knight, he usually would become a knight as well.  The practice of giving a land to the knight was practiced in the next 700 years later.

Knight Movie

Knight Movie

Knight Facts 7: military orders

Military orders were used as the base for most knights. The military order determined the type of knight.

Knight Facts 8: Knights Templar

One of the most important types of knight is Knights Templar.  The knights often used the white mantle with red crosses.  Knights Templar was formed in 1100s. They were notable knight in the Crusades.

Knight Pic

Knight Pic

Knight Facts 9: headquarters

Knights Templar chose the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem as the headquarters. Even though they only have few members, they often won in the battle. One of their victories was in Battle of Montgisard when 500 knights had to fight 25,000 Muslim soldiers. Check Jerusalem facts here.

Knight Facts 10: The Knights Hospitaller

Another type of knight was The Knights Hospitaller. The purpose of the knights was to protect the sick and poor pilgrims in the Holy Land. It was established in 1023.



The Knights Hospitaller was different with Knight Templar because they wore black clothes with white cross. Are you interested with facts about Knight?

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