10 Interesting Valley Forge Facts

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The military camp located 18 miles northwest Philadelphia is explained on the Valley Forge facts. During the American Revolutionary War, the Continental Army had their winter season in the 1777 until 1778. As of February 1778, there were 2,500 American soldiers killed because of the exposure, malnutrition, disease and starvation. The Battle of White Marsh was considered as the mast major engagement of General George Washington and his army in 1777. Find out other interesting facts about Valley Forge below:

Valley Forge Facts 1: a secured location

George Washington decided to relocate his army to a secured area due to the presence of winter season from the White Marsh area. Today, the presence location is called Fort Washington State Park.

Valley Forge Facts 2: the winter quarters of the army

The winter quarters of the Washington’s army were located in a number of locations. However, Washington chooses Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. It was located 30 kilometer or 20 mi from Philadelphia.

Valley Forge Facts

Valley Forge Facts

Valley Forge Facts 3: the name of Valley Forge

The name of Valley Forge was derived from the name of an iron forge located on Valley Creek of Whitemarsh in Pennsylvania. Check facts about the Victorian Cross here.

Valley Forge Facts 4: was it the best place?

Valley Forge actually was not the best place the Continental Army to set up their camp during the winter season. The army who camped here was vulnerable to be exposed by the British army who had more secured position in Philadelphia.

Valley Forge Map

Valley Forge Map

Valley Forge Facts 5: the defensible area

Valley Forge was considered as the defensible area for it was bordered by the Schuylkill River at the north part. It also shared area with plateau of Mount Misery and forested plateau of Mount Joy.

Valley Forge Facts 6: log huts

The soldiers were capable to build the log huts for their winter camp in Valley Forge because the forests featured a lot of timber.  The soldiers produced 78 huts. Even though they had hut, the 2,500 of the soldiers died in the camp.

Valley Forge

Valley Forge

Valley Forge Facts 7: a replica of the hut

If you are interested to know the replica of the hut during the winter camp, you need to visit the Valley Forge National Park, Pennsylvania. Get facts about manifest destiny here.

Valley Forge Facts 8: the shoes

The condition of Washington’s soldiers was not good. One of four soldiers wore shoes.

Martha Washington

Martha Washington

Valley Forge Facts 9: the logs for the hut

To build a hut, the soldiers needed to get at least 80 logs by collecting the timber miles away from their camping site. They only had one axe to get the timber.

Valley Forge Facts 10: food

Some soldiers died because of starvation. The supplies of food like bread and meat were very small. The tasteless mixture of flour and water called firecake was considered as the main food for the soldiers.

Facts about Valley Forge

Facts about Valley Forge

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