10 Interesting Jerusalem Facts

Tuesday, April 29th 2014. | Cities

I am interested to share Jerusalem facts. Jerusalem has some fun facts that you need to know. Have you visited the holy city?  It is the home to 1,578 public gardens and parks. If you like to learn about archeology, you can come here because it has 2,000 archeological sites. Here are the complete facts about Jerusalem:

Jerusalem Facts 1: trash

Let’s talk about the trash in Jerusalem. Every single day, the workers have to sweep the 8,500 of road in Jerusalem. The 1,100 tons of garbage should be picked up in the city. If you visit the city, you can find it very clean.

Jerusalem Facts 2: cultural center

Jerusalem is one of the important cities in the world. You can find out the old building archeological sites and cultures here. There is no need to wonder that the young people who are eager to learn about literature, poetry, art, performance and music come to the 70 cultural centers in Jerusalem.



Jerusalem Facts 3: workers

In Jerusalem, you can find at least 30,000 volunteer workers. They are not paid to work here. Probably they like to do the community service.

Jerusalem Facts 4: museum

Jerusalem is a good place for the people who want to know ancient items. You can find out 60 museums in the city. If you need to place to stay, don’t worry; there are 9,000 hotel rooms in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Building

Jerusalem Building

Jerusalem Facts 5: festival

The people in Jerusalem know how to attract people to come here. There are at least 30 different kinds of festivals in city. That’s why Jerusalem gains the title as the city with the most annual festivals in Israel.

Jerusalem Facts 6: Jewish history

Most people live in Jerusalem are Jewish people. You can find at least 150,000 graves located at Mount of Olive because the Jewish history tells Jewish people to have their graveyard here. The graves date back from 15th century.

Jerusalem Cemetary

Jerusalem Cemetary

Jerusalem Facts 7: emblem

Do you know the emblem of Jerusalem? It is a lion. There are three kinds of Jewish Holdiar celebrated in the city. Those are Sukkto, Pesach, and Shavuto.

Jerusalem Facts 8: The First Temple

Look at the First Temple in Jerusalem? The construction of this temple needed 150,000 Jewish workers.

Jerusalem City

Jerusalem City

Jerusalem Facts 9: Mount Zion

Mount Zion is the place where King David was buried. If you see the picture of the old City of Jerusalem, you can find seven open gates.

Jerusalem Facts 10: Shalem

People now call this city as Jerusalem. Actually it was called Shalem during the era of Abraham.

Jerusalem History

Jerusalem History

If you want to study about the plants in Jerusalem, you can visits Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. There are at least 6,000 species of plants here. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Jerusalem?

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