10 Interesting the Mughal Empire Facts

Tuesday, September 6th 2016. | History

Get the information about an empire ruled and founded by a Muslim in the Indian subcontinent on the Mughal Empire Facts. The origin of the Mughal Empire’s rulers was from the Chagatai Turco-Mongol. The empire is also called as Mogul Empire. The founder of Mughal Empire was Babur who earned a great of victory in the first Battle of Panipat in 1526 against Ibrahim Lodi who was the last ruler of Delhi Sultanate. Check other interesting facts about the Mughal Empire below:

The Mughal Empire Facts 1: The Timurid Dynasty

The Timurid dynasty believed that they were the direct descendant of Timur who established the Timurid Empire and Genghis Khan through Chagatai Khan.

The Mughal Empire Facts 2: Sur Empire

Sur Empire briefly interrupted Mughal Empire after the empire was at the hand of Humayun. He was the successor of Babur.

The Mughal Empire Emperors

The Mughal Empire Emperors

The Mughal Empire Facts 3: Akbar the Great

When Akbar the Great ascended the throne of Mughal Empire, he marked the beginning of classic period in 1556.

The Mughal Empire Facts 4: the progress of Mughal Empire

The religious harmony as well as the economic progress was spotted in Mughal Empire during the throne of Akbar the Great and Jahangir, his son. The local cultures and religions became the main interests of the empire.

The Mughal Empire Facts

The Mughal Empire Facts

The Mughal Empire Facts 5: the successful reign

Akbar the Great enjoyed a great of success in his reign for he was capable of making alliances with Hindu Rajput kingdoms.

The Mughal Empire Facts 6: the local societies

Mughal Empire did not have any intention to interfere the life of the societies. This empire just wanted to create harmony by having a uniform and centralized system. Get facts about Indian history here.

The Mughal Empire Pic

The Mughal Empire Pic

The Mughal Empire Facts 7: the golden age of Mughal architecture

The golden age of Mughal architecture was spotted in 1628 until 1658 during the fifth emperor, Shah Jahan.

The Mughal Empire Facts 8: the large monuments

There were many large monuments of Mughal Empire under the rule of Shah Jahan. The buildings included the Lahore Fort, the Jama Masjid in Delhi, Taj Mahal at Agra, the Red Fort and Moti Masjid in Agra.

The Mughal Empire

The Mughal Empire

The Mughal Empire Facts 9: Aurangzeb

In term of territorial expanse, Aurangzeb was the most successful ruler.  He ruled more than 150 million subjects and expanded his territory up to 1.2 million square miles. Look at facts about Indian culture here.

The Mughal Empire Facts 10: the terminal decline

Even though Aurangzeb was successful, the empire also faced the terminal decline in his reign because of Maratha military resurgence.

The Mughal Empire Images

The Mughal Empire Images

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