10 Interesting the Terracotta Army Facts

Tuesday, November 29th 2016. | History

The Terracotta Army Facts remind you with the amazing collections of sculpture made of terracotta discovered in China. The terracotta army was made to protect Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China in his afterlife. At that time, it was considered as a funerary art burial. The sculptures were traced back in the end of 3rd century BCE.  If you are curious to know more about the terracotta army, check the following post below:

The Terracotta Army Facts 1: who discovered the terracotta army?

The local farmers discovered the terracotta army in 1974 in Shaanxi province.

The Terracotta Army Facts 2: the height of the army figure

The roles and ranks of the terracotta army figures are represented through the height. The generals have the tallest height.

terracotta army image

terracotta army image

The Terracotta Army Facts 3: the figures

Three primary figures are found here. They include the horses, chariots and warriors. All of them are buried near the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang.

The Terracotta Army Facts 4: the number of figures

The Terracotta Army is located in three pits. They contained 150 cavalry horses, 520 horses, 130 chariots, and 8,000 soldiers based on the estimation in 2007. Get facts about modern China here.

the terracotta army facts

the terracotta army facts

The Terracotta Army Facts 5: the non-military figures

Actually, it also contains the non-military figures, which include the musicians, strongmen, acrobats and officials.

The Terracotta Army Facts 6: historian Sima Qian

The historian Sima Qian who lived from 145 to 90 BCE described tomb construction in Shiji, his notable work. It was published a century after the mausoleum was completed. Find facts about Great Wall of China here.

terracotta army

terracotta army

The Terracotta Army Facts 7: the construction of the mausoleum

Emperor Qin got the throne at the age of 13. Soon, the project of mausoleum was started in 246 BCE. It employed 700,000 people to finish the project.

The Terracotta Army Facts 8: the warriors

The figures of the warriors are found at the east side of the tomb where they guard the emperor.

terracotta army museum

terracotta army museum

The Terracotta Army Facts 9:  the pits

Pit One has the length of 750 feet or 230 m. The width is measured at 203 feet or 62 m. It features 6,000 figures of army.  The chariots, infantry and cavalry units are found on pit two. The war chariot and high-ranking officers are found in the command pots of pit three. The empty space is found in pit four. Check facts about

The Terracotta Army Facts 10: the rank

The rank of the figure affects the appearance of the hairstyle, uniform and height, but all of them are in life-sized figures.

terracotta army pit 1

terracotta army pit 1

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