10 Interesting King David Facts

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If you want to know the life of the most important king in the ancient Israel, read King David facts. You can find that the life of King David is explained in various scriptures. Moreover, you can also look at the biblical books of 1 Kings, 1 Samuel, 1 Chronicles and 2 Samuel.  Let me show you some interesting facts about King David below:

King David Facts 1: King of Israel

Even though David is famous a king of Israel, you have to know that he did not get the throne immediately. When the King Saul passed away, the throne of Israel went to Ishbosneth, his son. Check Israel facts here.

King David Facts 2: becoming a king of Israel

Before King David became the King of Israel, he was the King of Judah. Since Ishbosheth was not a strong and great king, he became the king for 2 years old. Therefore, King David took over the throne after Samuel proclaimed him as the heir of Saul.

King David  and Harp

King David and Harp

King David Facts 3: Israeli kingdoms

There were two Israeli kingdoms that King David ruled. Both were Israel and Judah. At first, he was the King of Judah.  Then he was the king of Israel seven years later.

King David Facts 4: reign

King Davis sat on the reign as a king for both Judah and Israel kingdoms for more than 33 years. The throne of both kingdoms was given to King David’s son Solomon. When both died, the successor for the kingdoms was from the Davidic dynasty.

King David  Pic

King David Pic

King David Facts 5: David and Jonathon

Not many people realized that David and Jonathon were related. Many people only know that both were good friends.  Jonathon’s sister, Michal was the wife of David.

King David Facts 6: family of Jonathon

Jonathon was killed in a battle. The friendship between him and Jonathon made King David take all of his family and his son, Mephibosheth to his home. All of them were considered as family by King David.

King David facts

King David facts

King David Facts 7: birth name

Do you know that the birth name of Davis was Elhanan?  When he was crowned as the king, he was called King David.

King David Facts 8: God’s temple

King David wanted to build a temple to honor and worship the god. However, he was not permitted by the God to do it since he had assassinated a lot of people.

King David Statue

King David Statue

King David Facts 9: tribe

Even though King David was the king of Israel, actually he was a tribe of Judah.

King David Facts 10: father

King David was the youngest son of Jesse of Bethlehem. It means that he was the eight children in the family. There is no record about his mother.

King David

King David

Before David got his crown as a king, he was only a shepherd. Do you agree with all facts about King David?

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