10 Interesting Alberto Giacometti Facts

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Alberto Giacometti facts are one of biography facts related to famous person. Not all people understand and recognize about this man. So, the facts below will be the basic to recognize about him. Therefore, any of you who gain interest about this man can get benefit from this info.

Alberto Giacometti Facts 1: born

He was born in certain area within Switzerland. The area was in an Italian-speaking region. He was born on 10th October 1901. People may recognize him as the well-known of Post Impressionist painter.

Alberto Giacometti Facts 2:  childhood

When he was a child, he also ever drew pictures from any fairytales that he ever heard. His friends recognize him to be quite arrogant kid. He also believed himself to be better in understanding and copying anything compared to others.

Alberto Giacometti Art

Alberto Giacometti Art

Alberto Giacometti Facts 3:  Paris

He once went to Paris in order to learn from Antoine Bourdelle the famous sculptor. It was in the year of 1922.

Alberto Giacometti Facts 4: first sculptures

Do you know about his first sculptures? Any of his first sculptures were the human heads. So, who were the models? Those were Isabel Delmer who was his artist friend. He also used his brother to be the model.

Alberto Giacometti Facts

Alberto Giacometti Facts

Alberto Giacometti Facts 5: Jean-Paul Sarte

He had famous friend Jean-Paul Sartre who is Existentialist philosopher. It was in 1941.

Alberto Giacometti Facts 6: back to Switzerland

He needed to go back to Switzerland. It was mainly because of the War in France. There he made small or tiny sculptures. Those works were said to fit into certain half a dozen of matchboxes.

Alberto Giacometti Pic

Alberto Giacometti Pic

Alberto Giacometti Facts 7: taller and thinner sculptures

When he returned to France, his works in sculptures had become so much thinner and also taller. He also ever said that his final result may represent the sensation that he felt when he looked at certain woman.

Alberto Giacometti Facts 8:  award

He also gained the award of grand prize in 1962. It was for his sculpture at Venice Biennale. By this award, he gained global recognition indeed. In fact, he had gained exhibitions around Europe and also in New York.

Alberto Giacometti Sclupture

Alberto Giacometti Sclupture

Alberto Giacometti Facts 9: stomach cancer

Too bad, he suffered from stomach cancer and he got his operation in 1963. He even had ever wanted this type of sickness.

Alberto Giacometti Facts 10: death

He had died in 1966. It was because of heart attack in Switzerland.He died in 1966 of a heart attack in Switzerland.

Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti

More and more facts about Alberto Giacometti can be earned from many different sources including internet. If you want to learn more about him, you need to gather more info by your own effort indeed. So, it can be your beneficial actually.

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