10 Interesting Cesar Chavez Facts

Wednesday, November 27th 2013. | People

Cesar Chavez facts actually have become more functional for those who really want to gain more information related to the life of Cesar Chavez. In this case, you just need to learn more about the facts below to know more about him.

Cesar Chavez Facts 1: California Hall of Fame

I believe any of you have already recognized in how such person has gain fame within California. Therefore, you may recognize that he also has inducted to California Hall of Fame by governor of California even by first lady.

Cesar Chavez Facts 2: song reference

Perhaps there are still few of you who have not recognized yet about the facts that Chaves has become the reference within certain song of Stevie Wonder and Tom Morello. The songs are “Black Man” and also “Union Song”.

Cesar Chavez fact

Cesar Chavez fact

Cesar Chavez Facts 3: cargo ships

US Navy is recommended in using the name of Cesar Chavez to become the name of their cargo ships. The fact is that USNS Cesar Chavez has its first launch within May 5, 2012. This indeed has become the honorary thing for him.

Cesar Chavez Facts 4: professional golf

You should know as well about the fact that one of his grandchildren is certain professional golfer. His name is Sam Chavez. You may gain good reference of him indeed if you conduct review from any different media out there. Well, such information is considered to be beneficial as well.

Cesar Chavez facts

Cesar Chavez facts

Cesar Chavez Facts 5: honorary person

If you visit University of Arizona campus, you may find certain building named as Cesar E. Chavez building. It was built in order to honor him as an influencing person not only within United States but also any other countries.

Cesar Chavez Facts 6: national monument

What you need to know recently is about the fact that Barrack Obama has designated national monument for him within the national park system actually. This is the other honorary effort given to him indeed. So, you need to learn more about it.

cesar chavez

cesar chavez

Cesar Chavez Facts 7: who is he?

Although Cesar Chavez is popular, there are still many people who don’t know more about him. The fact is that he was the social activist as well as union organizer and the founding father of NSWA and UFW.

Cesar Chavez Facts 8:  the death

Majority of people have believed that Cesar Chavez was killed by people. Yet, the fact is that he died peacefully within his sleep.

Cesar Chavez Young

Cesar Chavez Young

Cesar Chavez Facts 9: the importance

He is well known to become the major role in becoming the representation of migrant farm workers. He can be said the hero of social activists.

Cesar Chavez Facts 10: grape boycott

Cesar Chavez may become so much popular especially because of his involvement as the leader of Grape boycott in the year of 1960s.

cesar chavez biography

cesar chavez biography

Although there are still many people who underestimate about the importance of facts about Cesar Chavez, they indeed may still be able to take benefit from such information actually.

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