10 Interesting Edmond Halley Facts

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Edmond Halley facts will be fun information for you. He was recognized commonly to be the one who firstly found Halley’s Comet. There are many things that you don’t know about him actually. Let’s discuss about it here. The facts below can be the start for you.

Edmond Halley Facts 1: return of Halley’s Comet

People worldwide have recognized Edmund Halley as the person who had become so much popular in predicting about the return of the famous Halley’s Comet. He also had studied about the planetary motion which identifies about Stonehenge and also magnetic fields.

Edmond Halley Facts 2: aerial telescope

He had used certain aerial telescope having the size of 24 foot long. It was in 1676 on the South Atlantic island of St. Helena in order to observe stars of the Southern Hemisphere. Later in 1678, he published Catalogus Stellarum Australium.

Edmond Halley Book

Edmond Halley Book

Edmond Halley Facts 3: number of trade winds

In the year 1686, Halley defined a number of trade winds as well as monsoons. It was near St. Helena. He had also determined about the atmospheric motion which had been caused by the heating of the solar. He also found that the barometric pressure was related to the level of the sea.

Edmond Halley Facts 4: Newton’s

Edmond Halley once published Principia Mathematica Philosopiae Naturalis. It was Newton’s actually. It was in 1687. It was published after the discussion about the motion of gravity and planetary.

Edmond Halley Comet

Edmond Halley Comet

Edmond Halley Facts 5: diving device

He also had developed about certain device which can help people in diving 60 feet below the water. It was in 1960. What he did was to expand the use of the device up to 4 hours.

Edmond Halley Facts 6: magnetic compass

He had worked with Royal Society as well. He developed about working magnetic compass housed a liquid filled case. He demonstrated about the compass in 1690.

Edmond Halley facts

Edmond Halley facts

Edmond Halley Facts 7: life annuities

He also studied about life annuities in 1693. He created the scientific formula for the British government. This had helped the principles of actuarial science.

Edmond Halley Facts 8:  postulation

In the year 1705, he postulated that the comet will reappeared in the year 1456, 1531, and also 1682. It was the same in the return in 1758.



Edmond Halley Facts 9: motion of fixed stars

This person has attempted in measuring the distance between the Earth and also the Sun. The purpose is to find the rate of Venus transit in the year 1716.

Edmond Halley Facts 10: hollow Earth

He also had the theory of hollow Earth. It was in the year 1692. He considered that each shell of the earth has the atmosphere.

Edmond Halley

Edmond Halley

The facts about Edmond Halley above are so much beneficial right? You can even find out more about the other facts by reviewing from the other source of information actually. We all notice that this will be so much interesting to do.

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