10 Interesting Gerald Ford Facts

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Gerald Ford facts give the fascinating information about the grand child of the greatest Omaha businessmen in the world.  He was born with real name Leslie Lynch King Jr. Find out more about the life of former president in the following post below:

Gerald Ford Facts 1: parents

Let’s talk about his parents first. He was born in 1913 in Nebraska. Few weeks after his birth, his parents separated. He lived with his mother because his father was abusive and addicted to alcohol.

Gerald Ford Facts 2: mother

His mother decided to live in Michigan where she also got the full custody of Gerald. In 1916, she married to Gerald Rudolff Ford, a salesman.

Gerald Ford Facts

Gerald Ford Facts

Gerald Ford Facts 3: name

Even though Gerald was born with the name Leslie Lynch King Jr, he was called Gerald Rudolff Ford, Jr.  At that time, his step father did not adopt him. In 1935, he changed his name from Rudolff to Rudolph.

Gerald Ford Facts 4: education

It seems that Ford was very interested with education and sport. Before he attended the University of Michigan, he became a captain in his high school foot ball team. He was also involved in a boy scout.

Gerald Ford Former President

Gerald Ford Former President

Gerald Ford Facts 5: degree

After he graduated from the University of Michigan, he wanted to get the economic degree. Then he decided to enroll in Yale Law School.  When he graduated from the school he had a practice of law in Michigan.

Gerald Ford Facts 6: navy

He had a short military career before setting up a law practice in Michigan in 1946. During the World War II, he served in the navy.

Gerald Ford Old

Gerald Ford Old

Gerald Ford Facts 7: marriage

The plan of his married was under wrap because he did no want to ruin his public image on the first congressional election. After the election, he married to a divorced ex dance Elizabeth Warren in October 1948.

Gerald Ford Facts 8: a moderate and mediator

Gerald Ford was very famous with his roles as a moderate and mediator. In the house of Representative, he served 12 consecutive terms. He never worked behind the scene since he loved to author the legislation issues.

Gerald Ford Young

Gerald Ford Young

Gerald Ford Facts 9: Warren Commission

Warren Commission was functioned to investigate the killing of President Kennedy. At that time, Ford was one of the members in the commission. The assassination was conducted by Lyndon Johnson whom many people believe as a single gunman assassination.

Gerald Ford Facts 10: vice president

He became a vice president for 8 months. Because of Nixon’s scandal, he served as the president of US without being elected on 9th August 1974.

Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford

Ford served as the president for 2 years.  In 2006, he passed away after leaving the white house for 30 years. Are you wondered with facts about Gerald Ford?

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