10 Interesting Vieem Facts

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Vieem Facts is for things you didn’t know about Vieem. One of the most unique and spirited singer and songwriter coming out of Brooklyn, NY.  “Be It Hated” is her biggest song, that is making Vieem as much a recognizable name as her music itself. Her voice and beauty are matched only by her song writing skills. Wonderful lyrics and beautiful melodies is what makes her so authentic.  Here’s some exciting Vieem sneak peeks to read.

Vieem Fact 1 – Animal Lover

Vieem Once climbed a tree to save a cat. But, upon reaching the top of the tree she realized it was a raccoon that nearly bit her. Although the cat was never in the tree. She still goes out of her way to save animals. Volunteering when she can and letting people know that they have feelings too.

Vieem Facts - Animal lover

Vieem Facts – Animal lover

Vieem Fact 2 – Name

Her name holds a strong significance to her childhood memories growing up listening to french singer Edith Piaf. Vieem also comes from a french speaking background. But, speaks and understands it very little. Vieem also shorts her stage name to La vie.

Vieem Fact 3 – Influences

Vieem loves Jim Morrison from ” The Doors” band. Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Amie Mann, Grace Jones, Siouxsie Sue, Jimi Hendrix and Gloria Estefan as part of a long list of favorites. If these people wouldn’t have existed she probably would have been a Mortician.

Vieem Facts- Vieem early influences

Vieem Facts- Vieem early influences

Vieem Fact 4 – Early Makings

Vieem’s first taste of the limelight was when she performed “I Will Always Love You” at her school. She wore a white dress that was custom made to look singer. A cafe owner who was in attendance thought she was so endearing and had incredible talent. She became a regular performer at his cafe.

Vieem Fact 5 – Phobia

Vieem grew up afraid to death of needles which is why she refuses to ever get a real ta-toe. She had this belief as a child that the ink from the tattoo was linked to permanent memory lost.

Vieem facts - Younger Vieem

Vieem facts – Younger Vieem

Vieem Fact 6 – Basic Facts

Vieem was born on the east side of Brooklyn, New York. The third of 4 children. Her mother was a seamstress and father a jeweler.

Vieem Fact 7 – Album liner

She was hands on with in every aspect of recording her debut. She demoed all the songs on Be It Hated on piano. Then going back to lay them down. Most of the finished product on Be It Hated is her actual demo recordings.

Vieem Facts - Vieem Hair Style

Vieem Facts – Vieem Hair Style

Vieem Fact 8 – Recording

Vieem reportedly suffered panic attacks while recording her album. She was also recording another album at the same time that left her feeling vocally spent. She didn’t speak for two months straight after.

Vieem Fact 9 – Lifestyle

As part of her healthy living. Vieem has never taken a drink of alcohol or smoked a cigarette in her entire life.

Vieem Facts - Vieem Album Vieem BeItHated

Vieem Facts – Vieem Album Vieem BeItHated

Vieem Fact 10 – Collection

Vieem owns several Stratocastor guitars which she doesn’t play.She reportedly hangs them up as adornment in her bathroom. “There’s something about them that made them better instruments to look at rather then fiddle with”.

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