10 Interesting Molly Pitcher Facts

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Molly Pitcher Facts elaborate the information about the famous and brave woman in America. People are always fascinated with her courage and spirit. She was nicknamed as Sergeant Molly.  She was also granted a noncommissioned officer by George Washington. Let’s find out more facts about Molly Pitcher below:

Molly Pitcher Facts 1: Who is Molly Pitcher?

Molly Pitcher is not a real name. It was a nickname given to a woman who fought in the American Battle of Monmouth. The real name of the woman was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley.

Molly Pitcher Facts 2: folklore

Many historians believe that the story about Molly Pitcher is not history, but it is folklore.  Molly Pitcher is believed to be the image created from a number of real women in the battle.

Molly Pitcher Facts

Molly Pitcher Facts

Molly Pitcher Facts 3: the origin of the name

She was called as Molly Pitcher because the women carried the water to the men in the American Battle. She was one of the member in a women group led By Martha Washington. Find out more facts about Martha Washington here.

Molly Pitcher Facts 4: Mary Ludwig Hays

Most stories about Molly Pitcher were addressed to Mary Ludwig Hays. During the revolutionary period, Molly was a usual name nickname for Mary. The actual birth date is still in big question. But you can see her birth date was on 13 October 1744 on the burial list. She was born from a family living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Molly Pitcher Hero

Molly Pitcher Hero

Molly Pitcher Facts 5: family life

Her parents worked as a butcher. Her mother was Maria Margaretha. Her father was John Georg Ludwick.  She has an older brother named Johann Martin.

Molly Pitcher Facts 6: education

Mary Ludwig did not go to school for education was not important for young girls at that time. She was not able to read or write.

Molly Pitcher Image

Molly Pitcher Image

Molly Pitcher Facts 7: marriage

Her father died on January 1769. Mary Ludwick decided to get married in June with a barber, William Hays. Both lived in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Molly Pitcher Facts 8: William Hays

William Hays was an artilleryman at the battle of Monmouth in 1778. He was enlisted at the continental army records.

Molly Pitcher in War

Molly Pitcher in War

Molly Pitcher Facts 9: the Tea Act

The name William Hays appeared on the list of the people who supported with the protest of Tea Act against the British. The meeting of the protest was conducted by Dr. William Irvine in the Presbyterian Church in Carlisle on 12 July 1774.

Molly Pitcher Facts 10: Joining her husband

Mary decided to join her husband in the battle during the winter in 1777. She stayed at the winter camp of continental army at Valley Forge Pennsylvania.

Molly Pitcher Statue

Molly Pitcher Statue

The leader of the women group was Martha Washington. The women in the camp took care the sick people, washed cloth and blankets. What do you think on facts about Molly Pitcher?

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