10 Interesting Elvis Presley Facts

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If you are a fan of king rock and roll, you need to scrutinize the following Elvis Presley facts. This man has a big impact on the musical industry. He is not only an icon but also a legend. Many people love his music till this present. You can see people imitate his look by wearing Elvis’s iconic suit. Check the details on the facts about Elvis Presley bellow.

Elvis Presley Facts 1: Guitar

When Elvis was 11 years old, he got his first guitar. He got a guitar after his mother convinced him to pick it. Just wonder why he don’t like piano. If you like piano, learn more about beethoven facts.

Elvis Presley Facts 2: Hair Color

Elvis is famous with his black hair color. Actually it is not his original hair color. He was born with brown hair.

Elvis Presley and Wife

Elvis Presley and Wife

Elvis Presley Facts 3: First Record

It seems that Elvis really loved his mother. The cash that he got from his record was only $4 when he was 18. He gave the money as a gift for his mother. If you like to know other ancient musician, read mozart facts.

Elvis Presley Facts 4: Local Radio

Elvis was still shy to perform on stage when he was 12 years old. He got a chance to sing on a local radio in 1947 but he rejected for he was too shy to sing live on air.

Elvis Presley in Hawaii

Elvis Presley in Hawaii

Elvis Presley Facts 5: Five Concerts

In his life, Elvis only managed to have 5 concerts outside Unites States. Many people made a speculation about his decision. Some of them thought that it was because of Colonel Tom Parker, his manager. It is believed that his manager was an illegal immigrant.

Elvis Presley Facts 6: Priscilla Beaulieu

Priscilla Beaulieu was the wife of Elvis. He met her when he was in an oversea concert in Germany in 1959. Elvis was 24 years old and Pricilla was 14 years old. They tied the knot eight years later.

Elvis Presley Facts

Elvis Presley Facts

Elvis Presley Facts 7: Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley is only daughter of Pricilla and Elvis. She was born in 1968. This woman married Michael Jackson. They get divorced later. Then she tied the knot with Nicolas Cage and divorced again.

Elvis Presley Facts 8: Divorce of Elvis

Priscilla divorced from Elvis in 1972. After the divorce, Elvis began to see many girls. One night he could take 152 to visit his Graceland.

Elvis Death

Elvis Death

Elvis Presley Facts 9: Faded Popularity

In 1960s his popularity as a singer faded away because of the tight competition in the music world. There were many other musicians like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles who gained more attention from the audiences.

Elvis Presley Facts 10: Film Career

Elvis was also a good actor. He began his first film career in 1965. Ha played as a star in Love Me Tender. His parents also played in his second movie entitled Loving You. In his entire career, he played in 31 movies.

elvis and priscilla

elvis and priscilla

During his life, he always associated with President Jimmy Carter and Abraham Lincoln. Are you interested to know more on facts about Elvis Presley?

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