10 Interesting Killer Whale Facts

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Do you want to know about the killer whale facts? You need to pay attention more on the explanation below. Killer whale is one of the endangered animals that people need to preserve. Many people are interested to get the killer whale for this animal is big and can be trained for various purposes. Here are some killer whales facts that you need to consider:

Killer Whale Facts 1: Life expectancy of a Killer Whale

Female killer whale can live more 90 years, while the male killer whale has the life span from 50 to 60 years. If you find the killer whale in captivity, it can only live longer than 30 years. Captive Orcas only has a life span in 20 years.

Killer Whale Facts 2: Female Killer Whales

The breeding time for a female killer whale begins in the age of 12 or 16 years old. If human being has to wait for 9 months to give birth, a female killer has to wait ranging from 15 to 17 months.

Cute Killer Whale

Cute Killer Whale

Killer Whale Facts 3: Killer Whales Order

Killer whales are included in the order of Delphinine. Even though it has the word killer on its name, they are dolphin. Read mammals facts to know other mammal animals.

Killer Whale Facts 4: Killer Whales Diet

This animals love to eat a lot. They can eat up to five percent of the body weight to give them energy and stay alive. It means that a killer whale needs to search for 500 pounds of food. However, it is not the biggest animal in the world. Get the info about the biggest animal on blue whale facts.

Killer Whale Attraction

Killer Whale Attraction

Killer Whale Facts 5: Killer Whales Group

Killer whale does not live alone. You can find it forming a social structure consisting from 6 up to 40 killer whales.

Killer Whale Facts 6: Orcas

One of the killer whales which always attract the attention from the marine biologisst is Orcas or Orcinus Orca.

Killer whale on the Sea

Killer whale on the Sea

Killer Whale Facts 7: Individuality

You can differentiate one killer whale to other killer whales by seeing their dorsal fin. Just like human fingerprint, this dorsal fin is totally unique.

Killer Whale Facts 8: Migrating

Searching for food is the main activity of killer whales. They will love to travel in season to search for fresh food in the ocean.  They almost spend 60 percent of the time to hunt for food. The migration is conducted when the new season comes. If you want to note on other sea animal’s behavior, read dolphin facts.

Killer Whale Facts

Killer Whale Facts

Killer Whale Facts 9: Blood control

This animals have a unique capability. They can control the blood flow on the brains and heart. Thus, they can dive underwater easily without concerning about the lack of oxygen.

Killer Whale Facts 10: Killer Whales Attack

Despite the scary name, there is no record that wild killer whales ever attack human being on the ocean. However, there is a record of Orcas trained in a captivity attacks human being. This largest dolphin probably needs more privacy to live alone in ocean without being harmed by human being.

Killer Whale

Killer Whale

After you note about killer whale, you know that it is not a whale actually. It is included as a dolphin. You can learn more about facts about killer whale by visiting the nearest zoo for same most orcas live in captivity.

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