10 Interesting Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts

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Find out Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts to give you insights about the life of the last German emperor and King of Prussia. He is also known as Wilhelm II or William II. He was born on January 27th, 1859 and died on June 4th, 1941. He was also recognized as William Victor Albert of Prussia.  On January 27th, 1859, he ruled German Empire and Kingdom Prussia. On 9th November 1918, his reign was ended. Let us get the detailed information about Wilhelm II by reading the below post:

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 1: Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria from Great Britain was the grandmother of Kaiser Wilhelm II.  Wilhelm also had many relations with other princess and monarchs in Europe.

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 2: Otto von Bismarck

Otto von Bismarck was the Chancellor dismissed by Wilhelm II after he became a Kaiser in 1888.

Facts about Kaiser Wilhelm II

Facts about Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 3: the foreign affairs

Wilhelm II supported the Austria-Hungary during the crisis in July 1914, which developed into the World War 1.

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 4: the personality

Wilhelm II was defined as having the impetuous and bombastic personalities. His influence on the state matters was declined for he never consulted with ministers related to the sensitive topics. Get facts about Wilhem Wundt here.

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 5: the policy during the World War 1

The policy related to the position of Germany during the World War 1 was at the hand of Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff. Both of them were the leading generals. The civilian government of Wilhelm only had little regard.

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 6: losing the support

In November 1918, Wilhelm II was abdicated after losing the support from the army. Then he settled in the Netherland in exile.

Kaiser Wilhelm II Pic

Kaiser Wilhelm II Pic

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 7: the birthplace

The birthplace of Wilhelm II was located in Berlin at the Crown Prince’s Palace. His mother was Prince Royal, Victoria. She was the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria of Britain. His father was the future Frederick III. Look at facts about William Clark here.

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 8: the left arm

The left arm and right arm of Kaiser Wilhelm II had different length. His left arm was 15 cm or 6 inch shorter than the right arm. This condition occurred because of to Erb’s palsy during a traumatic breech birth.

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 9: education

Wilhelm attended Friedrichsgymnasium at Kassel when he was a teen. He got the Order of the Garter from his grandmother on his 18th birthday.

Kaiser Wilhelm II Facts 10: University of Bonn

Wilhelm studied politics and law by attending University of Bonn where he had four terms.

Kaiser Wilhelm II Image

Kaiser Wilhelm II Image

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