10 Interesting Jeremy Paxman Facts

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Find out one of the most inspirational men with his award, social activities and criticism in Jeremy Paxman facts. Paxman is well known as an English author, broadcaster and journalist. If you are curious about his achievement and early life, see the following facts below:

Jeremy Paxman Facts 1: date of birth

Paxman was born with the full name Jeremy Dickson Paxman on May 11th 1950. Since 1977, he worked for BBC. People love him when he interrogates the politician with his abrasive style.

Jeremy Paxman Facts 2: BBC Two’s Newsnight programme

If you want to know his aggressiveness, you can see him on BBC Two’s Newsnight programme. Even though some people criticize his intimidating style, some people love it.

Jeremy Paxman BBC

Jeremy Paxman BBC

Jeremy Paxman Facts 3: family life?

Who is Jeremy Paxman actually? He is the son of Arthur Keith Paxman and Joan McKay. His father worked in an industry, while his mother was only a housewife.

Jeremy Paxman Facts 4: siblings

Paxman is the first child in the family. He has three siblings. He has two brothers and a sister. His sister is Jane who works as a producer at BBC Radio.

Jeremy Paxman facts

Jeremy Paxman facts

Jeremy Paxman Facts 5: Paxman’s brother

Jeremy Paxman’s brothers named Giles and James. James worked as the chief executive at Dartmoor Preservation Association. Another brother Giles, worked as the British ambassador to Spain. Previously he was the ambassador to Mexico.

Jeremy Paxman Facts 6: education

Let’s talk about the education of Jeremy Paxman. He was the student of Malvern College. Then he continued his study at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. In the college, he was the editor of the undergraduate newspaper called Varsity.

Jeremy Paxman Old

Jeremy Paxman Old

Jeremy Paxman Facts 7: Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? Is one of the popular episodes in BBC genealogy series?  In January 2006, Paxman was the topic in the series.

Jeremy Paxman Facts 8: BBC career

His career is BBC is not as easy as you might think before. In 1972, he went to BBC’s graduate trainee programme. His first BBC job was at BBC radio Brighton. It is only a local radio.

Jeremy Paxman Pic

Jeremy Paxman Pic

Jeremy Paxman Facts 9: traveling

Jeremy Paxman had to spend five years reporting news for BBC from different countries such as Central America, Uganda and Beirut.  Then he moved to Six O’clock News for 2 years.  Then he has a good career path by having BBC1’s Breakfast Time programme on his hand.

Jeremy Paxman Facts 10: presenter

In 1989, he was the presenter of Newsnight.

Jeremy Paxman Style

Jeremy Paxman Style

His skill is appreciated by many audiences. Ha got a Royal Television Society award year after he became a presenter in Newsnight. Do you have any ideas on facts about Jeremy Paxman?

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