10 Interesting Jim Henson Facts

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Let me introduce you to the famous puppet master who created the Muppets in Jim Henson facts. Henson’s creativity made him famous. Many kids love to see him with his puppets. They enjoy the show of Henson for it is very entertaining. Look at more his personal detail and journey to fame by reading facts below:

Jim Henson Facts 1: influences

There are some puppeteers who influenced him a lot.  Some of them include puppeteer Burr Tillstrom and ventriloquist Edgar Bergen.

Jim Henson Facts 2: a local TV station

His first career was only in a local TV show. His job was creating some puppets for the Children show in Saturday morning. He did this job when he was in high school.

Jim Henson Award

Jim Henson Award

Jim Henson Facts 3: college career

After graduating from the high school, he went to the college. At this time, he worked for the NBC local affiliate in Washington DC. His job is creating Sam and Friends. It was only a 5 minute show. In 1955, Kermit and Frog made Henson’s debut as a puppeteer.

Jim Henson Facts 4: Kermit

Kermit is one of the most popular characters by Henson. The first version of Kermit was very simple. Henson used two ping pong ball for the eyes of Kermit. For the clothes, he used his mother turquoise ladies coat of his mother. Can you imagine the look?

Jim Henson Book

Jim Henson Book

Jim Henson Facts 5: name

The popularly of Kermit can be seen not only in US but also in some parts of the world. However, the name Kermit was changed to suit the different culture of the country. In Spain, people call Kermit Gustavo. In Latin American, it is called Rene. He was called Cocas in Portugal.

Jim Henson Facts 6: The Rainbow Connection

It is a surprising fact to know that Kermit and Henson with their song The Rainbow Connection reached the 25th position in the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1979. Find out another important singe in US by checking Jason Derulo facts.

Jim Henson facts

Jim Henson facts

Jim Henson Facts 7: The Hollywood Walk of Fame

You are wrong if you think that only people got their The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kermit had his personal star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. The statue of Kermit and Henson can be seen on the University of Maryland campus.

Jim Henson Facts 8: traveling

After he finished his college study, Henson decided to travel around Europe. There, he was fascinated with the art of the European puppeteers. Then, his fame made him worked in Wilkins Coffee commercial in 1960s.

Jim Henson Image

Jim Henson Image

Jim Henson Facts 9: Muppets Inc

Muppets Inc was established by Henson and his wife in 1963. His wife had to stay away from the job in Muppet Inc since she had to take care the children. To replace her, he hired puppeteer Frank Oz and writer Jerry Juhl.

Jim Henson Facts 10: Time Piece

Time Piece was Jim Henson’s short experiment film. This movie was a nominee of Oscar in 1966.

Jim Henson

Jim Henson

Sesame Street was created by Henson after Children’s Television Workshop in 1969 wanted to develop a children show. This show was a huge success for it has been aired in 120 countries. Are you amazed with facts about Jim Henson?

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