10 Interesting Woodrow Wilson Facts

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Woodrow Wilson facts make you closer with the president for Unites States of America. Woodrow Wilson serves as the 28th president in US. His political party is democrat. This man had done many things to America. Let’s finds out more on his personal, family and presidential life by reading the facts about Woodrow Wilson below:

Woodrow Wilson Facts 1: Birthday

Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton, Virginia on 28 December 1856. He lived from 1856 to 1924.

Woodrow Wilson Facts 2: Education

He gets his education by enrolling in College of New Jersey. This college now is called as Princeton University. He was graduated in 1879. Then he graduated from John Hopkins University in 1886.

Woodrow Wilson Fact

Woodrow Wilson Fact

Woodrow Wilson Facts 3: Term of Service

He became president from democrat party from 1913 to 1921. His vice president at that time was Thomas Riley Marshall. This man had nothing too with any military experience in his life. Read George W Bush facts to find out more about US president.

Woodrow Wilson Facts 4: Personal Life

In 1860 till 1914, he married to Ellen Louise Axson on 24 June 1885. Then on 18 December 1915, he married to Edith Bolling Galt till 1961. Woodrow Wilson had three children. Those are Margaret Woodrow, Jessie Woodrow and Eleanor Randolph. His religion is Presbyterian.

Woodrow Wilson Facts

Woodrow Wilson Facts

Woodrow Wilson Facts 5: Career

Woodrow had a good carrier during his life. He was a governor of New Jersey from 1911 till 1913. He also had a position as a college administration, professor and politician. If you want to know another important man in US, check Ben Franklin facts.

Woodrow Wilson Facts 6: Major Events during His Presidential Life

There are several majors events occurred during his presidential life. Some of them include the World War 1. In 1917, US entered the WW 1 against Germany. Other events included Clayton Anti-Trust Act, Treaty of Versailles, Espionage and Sedition Acts, and Federal Reserve Act.

Woodrow Wilson President

Woodrow Wilson President

Woodrow Wilson Facts 7: Description of Woodrow Wilson

When it comes about the physical description of Woodrow Wilson, you need to take a note on his height. He is 6 feet 1.5 inches.

Woodrow Wilson Facts 8: Father

I have stated that Woodrow Wilson’s region is Presbyterian. It probably was affected by his father who was a Presbyterian minister.

Woodrow Wilson with Edith

Woodrow Wilson with Edith

Woodrow Wilson Facts 9: Nickname

Woodrow Wilson has a nick name. He is also called as Schoolmaster in Politics.  In 1902, he was elected as the president for Princeton University.

Woodrow Wilson Facts 10: Place for Death

Woodrow Wilson died on 3 February 1924. His graveyard is in National Cathedral in Washington DC.

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson

The only president of United States with Ph.D. title is Woodrow Wilson. He was inaugurated as a president when he was 56 years old. In 1920, he won a Nobel Prize.  He died in the age of 67 years old. Do you have any more information to include in facts about Woodrow Wilson?

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