10 Interesting William Clark Facts

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The famous territorial governor who also served as an Indian agent is explained on William Clark Facts. Clark is also recognized as a soldier and explorer. He was born on 1st August 1770 and died on 1st September 1838. Clark was also known as a slaveholder and planter. Before he resided in the present-day Missouri State, he was raised in pre-statehood Kentucky. Actually, he was from Virginia. Let us find out other interesting facts about William Clark below:

William Clark Facts 1: the Lewis and Clark Expedition

When we talk about Clark, we should never forget about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which took place in 1804 until 1806. He conducted the expedition along with the famous Meriwether Lewis.

William Clark Facts 2: the purpose of expedition

The expedition of Lewis and Clark was conducted after Louisiana Purchase. The territory was purchased from France.

Facts about William Clark

Facts about William Clark

William Clark Facts 3: the life before the expedition

Clark was a militia in US Army before he was involved in the expedition. The he was appointed as the governor of Missouri Territory.

William Clark Facts 4: the final post

The final post of Clark was Superintendent of Indian Affairs. He took the role in 1822 until his death in 1838. Get facts about Will Smith here.

William Clark Facts

William Clark Facts

William Clark Facts 5: the birthplace of Clark

The birthplace of Clark was located in Caroline County, Virginia. His parents were John and Ann Rogers Clark. He had nine siblings in the family.

William Clark Facts 6: the role of Clark family

In Virginia, the Clark family was recognized as a common planter. They had a few slaves and modest estates in the region.

William Clark Signature

William Clark Signature

William Clark Facts 7: education

Clark only received his education at home. He had never followed formal education. He was concerned with grammar and spelling when writing the journal of his expedition with Lewis. Before it was published, he wanted grammar and spelling checked and corrected. Look at facts about Wilbur Wright here.

William Clark Facts 8: recruitment

Clark was 33 years when Lewis recruited him in the expedition.  Oregon territory was claimed by Lewis and Clark before the Europeans.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark Expedition

William Clark Facts 9: the expedition to Pacific Coast

The expedition to the Pacific Coast needed three years to complete.

William Clark Facts 10: the role of Clark in the expedition

Clark had a number of roles during the expedition. He became the leader of hunting expedition of game. He also managed the supplies for the expedition and drew maps.

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark

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