10 Interesting Banjo Paterson Facts

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Banjo Paterson Facts provide the detail information about the famous Australian bush author, poet, Georgist activist and journalist. He was born with the full name Andrew Baton Paterson. But he was called as Banjo Paterson. Find out more ideas about him by reading the following post below:

Banjo Paterson Facts 1: life span

Banjo Paterson was born on 17 February 1864.  He died on 5 February 1941. There are many kinds of works that he had done during his life. He focused more on the Australian life by making poems and ballads. He chose the district of Binalong New South Wales as the inspiration. He was raised there during the childhood time.

Banjo Paterson Facts 2: the most famous poems

If you want to make a criticism and studies about Banjo Paterson’s poems, you can check most famous ones. Those include “The Man from Snowy River”, “Waltzing Matilda”, and “Clancy of the Overflow”.

Banjo Paterson Facts

Banjo Paterson Facts

Banjo Paterson Facts 3: place of birth

Let’s find out the place of birth of Paterson. He was born at the property Narrambla.  It is New South Wales near Orange.

Banjo Paterson Facts 4: parents

Who were his parents? Banjo Paterson was the eldest son in the family. His mother was Australian-born Rose Isabella Barton who shared a family relation with Edmund Barton. He was the future first Prime Minister in Australia. His father was a Scottish immigrant from Lanarkshire, Andrew Bogle Paterson.

Banjo Paterson Photo

Banjo Paterson Photo

Banjo Paterson Facts 5: place of living

The younger Paterson lived with his family at the isolated Buckinbah Station near Yeoval New South Wales until he was five years old. At that time, his father had to sell his wool clip. But he moved to his uncle farm in Illalong, near Yass after his uncle died.

Banjo Paterson Facts 6: the early education

Let’s find out the early education of Banjo Paterson. He got it from a governess. Then he went to a bush school at Binalong when Paterson was capable of riding a pony.

Banjo Paterson Pic

Banjo Paterson Pic

Banjo Paterson Facts 7: the next education

He pursued the higher education at Sydney Grammar School in 1874. He was called as a good sportsman and student. The cottage that he lived when he was a student was listed as the Register of National Estate. It was located in Suburb of Gladesville. He called the cottage Rockend.

Banjo Paterson Facts 8: the first job

His first job was as an articled clerk in a law firm. He took the job after he matriculated at the age of 16 years old.

Banjo Paterson

Banjo Paterson

Banjo Paterson Facts 9: pseudonym

The name Banjo was his pseudonym name. It was taken from the name of his favorite horse. He used the name The Banjo when he submitted and published his first poetry at the Bulletin in 1885.

Banjo Paterson Facts 10: an ardent nationalist

Paterson was a nationalist. He created pamphlet in 1889 with the title Australia for the Australians in the Bulletin. Check Australian facts here.

Banjo Paterson Image

Banjo Paterson Image

The people of Australia begin to know him after he created the famous poem The Man for Snowy River in 1890. What do you think on facts about Banjo Paterson?

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