10 Interesting German History Facts

Sunday, February 16th 2014. | History

German History facts provide the information about one of the biggest countries in the world. This country is famous with its Bavarian style. The German language is also popular around the world. It has been used as the official language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

German History Facts 1: Charlemagne

The reign of Charlemagne and his descendant was created in Germany from 800 – 900’s. During 870, there was a formation of the duchies of Lorraine, Franconia, Bavaria and Franconia.

German History Facts 2: Salian dynasty

The Salian dynasty ruled Germany from 1024 to 1255. Before 1024, it was ruled by the Saxon dynasty. But the Salian took over it in 1024.

German History and nazi

German History and nazi

German History Facts 3: Hohenstaufen

There are many events occurred during the history of Germany. It was ruled by different dynasties in different time. After the Salian dynasty, Germany was ruled by Hohenstaufen from 1138 to 1254.

German History Facts 4: the kingdom in Germany

The king of Germany crowned in 1273 was Rudolf of Hapsburg.   In 1499, the empire was taken over by Switzerland.

German History Old

German History Old

German History Facts 5: Reformation

A reformation occurred in Germany in 1517. It was initiated by Luther.

German History Facts 6: Wilhelm I

The German States were united into one country after Wilhelm I became the first Kaiser of German Empire.  He was crowned on 18th January 1871.

German History War

German History War

German History Facts 7: Archduke Franz Ferdinand

The World War I involving Germany was occurred because of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria hungry and his wife were killed on 28th June 1914.  One August 1914, the declaration of war was occurred by Germany to France and Russia.   This declaration made UK declared the war on this country.

German History Facts 8: The Treaty of Versailles

The end of the World War I was ended with The Treaty of Versailles.   The allied also occupied Rhineland for 15 years since the World War I based on the treaty.

German History

German History

German History Facts 9: the Weimar Republic

The Weimar Republic was a new constitution for a new German. It was created by a national assembly in a meeting located in Weimar.

German History Facts 10: Nazis

When talking about German history, people always remember about NAZI or The National Socialist German Workers Party. It was led by Adolf Hitler. This party was forced to persecute Jews.

German Culture

German Culture

The nightmare of the Jewish people was ended after Hitler committed suicide on April 30th, 1945.   On October 3rd 1990, the east and West Germany were reunited. What do you think on facts about German History ?

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