10 Interesting Flapper Facts

Monday, January 27th 2014. | History

Flapper facts will be your additional knowledge. There are few people who already know about flapper. Based on this reason, I want to really discuss about it here. What becomes the best thing is to discuss about the facts. So, read further here.

Flapper Facts 1: 1920s

Women who live in certain era such as 1920s may consider flapper to be their lifestyle. Wearing the product can really change their status. Within such era, people call it as Era of Wonderful Nonsense and also Roaring Twenties.

Flapper Facts 2: American icon

It is a fact that flapper was once an American icon. It occurred from post WWI feminism. Women had freed from the style of stuffy Victorians. By taking flapper as fashion, women have entered new modern way of living.

Flapper  Fashion

Flapper Fashion

Flapper Facts 3: rebellious style

So, what is the meaning of flapper? It really represents the most about recklessness and also frivolity. Flapper women tend to rebel and often become rule breaking and also fast living.

Flapper Facts 4: men activities

Women who join the flapper community often conducted some bad activities including drinking, smoking, and also dancing. These young girls may conduct what men often do in the society.

Flapper Facts

Flapper Facts

Flapper Facts 5: notorious behaviors

Flapper may drive car and also they ride bicycles. Any flappers also drank alcohol. Those women also become so much addicted to sex. They often conduct petting in the back seats. They also conduct party late at night and also dance a lot.

Flapper Facts 6: Jazz

Jazz becomes the major influence for flapper. In such era, it can be considered as Jazz age. Any flapper may love to enjoy the music and dance of Jazz actually.

Flapper in Blue

Flapper in Blue

Flapper Facts 7: corset less controversy

The influence of Jazz also may result to the way women love not to wearing corsets. Yet, this has become huge controversy. In such time, not wearing corset was considered to be evil.

Flapper Facts 8:  the appearance

The appearance of flappers was youthful and vibrant. They may wear lipstick and also thick eye makeup. They often look so much sexy and boyish.

Flapper Pic

Flapper Pic

Flapper Facts 9: tight strips

Any flappers also love to wear tight strips of the cloth around the chest. The purpose is to gain flatter appearance and also look younger.

Flapper Facts 10: the poem

There was a poem written by Dorothy Parker entitled The Flapper.

Flapper Style

Flapper Style

Are you interested in learning US’s cultures? Therefore, facts about Flapper can be one of most important things to learn about.

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